Woman Spits on Store Counter After Being Told She Needs to Wear a Mask to Buy Beer

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Sure, wearing a mask over your nose and mouth isn’t exactly the most comfortable, but that’s just what you have to do when you’re out in public in the middle of a pandemic. Wearing a mask is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (just ask the scientist who conducted an experiment on how masks greatly reduce respiratory droplets).

Most stores have policies in place that require customers to wear masks upon entrance. However, that doesn’t always mean people oblige.

Take the woman, for example, who caused a scene at Trader Joe’s when she was told to put a mask on, or this woman who started throwing her groceries on the ground in the supermarket.

Sadly, there’s plenty of this kind of behavior happening around the country. And now, we have one more incident, which occurred at a 7-11 in Texas.

The woman was buying a case of beer and some candy when the cashier told her that in order for him to serve her she had to put on a mask.

Not only did she refuse, but she also didn’t have a mask on her, so the cashier was forced to offer to sell her one. That just pissed off this woman even more. She began to raise her voice, yelling at the cashier that she wasn’t going to pay for a mask, or wear one for that matter.

Things quickly escalated when the cashier didn’t ring her up and the woman’s anger grew. She then proceeded to spit on the store counter, right in front of the cashier. Pretty gross even if we weren’t in the middle of a global health crisis!

To see how the entire interaction went between the angry, maskless woman and the 7-11 cashier, check out the video below. Warning: It’s pretty explicit!

Would you ever refuse to wear a mask like this? What do you think of this woman’s behavior?