Woman Speaks Out After Wrongfully Accusing Black Teen of Stealing Her Phone In Disturbing Footage

We understand that there’s nothing scarier than the thought of losing your phone. We’re being a little over-dramatic here, but really, so much important data lives on our phone, and the idea of being without it causes a moment of panic.

We have been guilty of misplacing our phone from time to time (okay, daily while at home), but we have never really lost our phone. We can imagine that if we misplaced our phone while in a public location, we would feel panic and want to find it as quickly as possible.

An unnamed woman who was visiting New York City misplaced her phone, and for whatever reason she decided to accuse a 14-year-old black teenager of stealing her phone. Not only did she accuse him, but she also tackled him to the ground, as seen in video surveillance footage.

The teen she accused was Keyon Harrold Jr., the son of Grammy-winning jazz musician Keyon Harrold. The father and son were together during the incident. Harrold later explained, “And it’s just disappointing and it’s unfortunate. And I mean, it’s traumatic. It just does not need to happen.”

Now, the woman in the video is speaking out. She claims that she was pushed to the ground and that she is the victim here. She points out that at one point in the video, she is seen on the ground.

Watch the video below to learn more about this unfortunate incident and to see part of the video surveillance footage for yourself.

In the comments on this video, many viewers are saying that the woman in the video deserves jail time. One viewer pointed out “If the roles were reversed, he would have gone to jail. Why can’t she get the same treatment? She assaulted a minor. It’s on video.”

Other viewers are appalled that this woman is “concerned about how she’s being ‘portrayed?’ Seems like she should be concerned about her behavior!!!”

Do you think the woman in this video deserves jail time? Have you ever lost your phone?