Woman Sets ‘Glitter Trap’ In An Attempt To Catch Snooping Mother-In-Law

motortion via Deposit Photos

Spouses don’t always get along with in-laws. Sometimes they try really hard to be liked by their husband or wife’s family, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes certain relatives literally go out of their way to defy boundaries.

One Reddit user shared a story about her mother-in-law. The biggest issue is that when the mother-in-law comes over to visit, she likes to snoop, particularly in the master bedroom and home office. She explained, “For some weird reason my MIL really wants to go into our bedroom whenever she comes over. On one occasion I followed her as she went upstairs (i was going to get something for my child as the bedrooms are upstairs) and she walked past the bathroom on the main floor and up the stairs behind it. She didn’t hear me and I caught her walking straight into my room and rifling through bills on my dresser. She denied snooping (even though I’d just watched her do it) and said she was just going to use our bathroom because she couldn’t find the other ones.”

In order to prevent the mother-in-law from snooping in the future, the husband and wife changed the doorknobs on the master bedroom door and the office door to doorknobs that they can lock when the mother-in-law comes over. This worked for awhile, but then one day the mother-in-law was going to come over, and they couldn’t find the keys to the doorknobs. They decided it would be fine if they didn’t lock the doors, but the wife was still convinced her husband’s mom would want to snoop.

Husband and wife decided to put fine glitter on the doorknobs so they would know if the mother-in-law tried to snoop. The wife explained, “I did this once before when husband didn’t believe me about the snooping to prove she’d been in the rooms. Last time she ignored the glitter and we didn’t say anything about it but then my husband couldn’t deny that she’d tried to snoop.”

Instead of settling for just knowing whether or not she tried to snoop, this time the wife decided to make the glitter so noticeable it couldn’t be ignored. She wrote, “So this time I covered the knobs in glitter and for the office went a touch further and rigged a little folder of glitter over the door to the office before the in laws came over. I left it one side unlocked (French doors) and it was set so if you walked in the room you would get covered in glitter.”

When the mother-in-law came over, they showed her once again where the downstairs bathroom is, and they asked her not to go upstairs. The mother-in-law still tried to snoop and ended up covered in glitter. Now, the mother-in-law is upset, claiming her car is ruined since she can’t get the glitter out of it, and the husband is siding with his mom, saying the glitter trap was too much.

Reddit users are siding with the wife. After all, there wouldn’t be a problem if the mother-in-law would just stop snooping. Many people feel that the husband needs to stand up to his mom about this. For example, one comment reads, “Yep I would have told mine ‘if you don’t want to be covered in the nightmare that is glitter then all you have to do mom is stop going into to rooms we don’t want you in. If you were not snooping you would not be covered in glitter rn.'”

Another person commented, “OP it seems she hates you – that’s normal for people who think they have a golden child – to be jealous of their SO. The snooping isn’t to know things that matter – it’s to find whatever she can to gossip about non stop to make you look bad. No matter what it is. The women in my family are like this, and the way they spread around those gossips hey. Say, if you dropped a piece of underwear on the floor while doing laundry. Trust that she’s twisting that to say ‘she leaves underwear just on the floor and she’s so dirty’ ten years later they’ll still be telling that story. No wonder she’s snooping she needs new stories. You’re my hero. I love booby traps and I hàte snoops”

Do you think the glitter trap was taking things too far? How would you react if you had a mother-in-law who insisted on snooping every time she came over?