76-Year-Old Woman Seeks a Fresh Start After Losing Her Son to Pancreatic Cancer

Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy!, recently made headlines for his diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Sadly, pancreatic cancer is the fourth deadliest cancer among women and men. Since this cancer is hard to detect and treat, the survival rate of the disease is very low, hovering between 7-25%.

Being diagnosed with cancer in general is one of the most gut-wrenching things we can imagine you can go through. What’s even worse? When a loved one, namely, your child, is diagnosed with the C word. It really makes you stop and think about, well, everything.

Phoebe Standish, 76, had recently lost her son to the same terrible diagnosis. It was one of the worst things she’s ever experienced. “It was so devastating, I got sick from it,” she says.

While nothing will ever replace her son or fill the gaping hole in her heart, she knew there had to be something she could do to recuperate and try and move on from it.

She decided to pay a visit to Christopher Hopkins, aka the Makeover Guy, aka the Christopher Hopkins Image Center in Minneapolis.

The Makeover Guy is known for his stunning makeovers and transformation videos. He’s absolutely amazing at being able to take years off of women, especially those who’ve suffered some pretty devastating moments in their lives.

Take a look at what he did for Vicki of Dallas, Texas. After 44 years, her marriage ended the month before she decided to see Christopher, and she couldn’t help but cry tears of joy when she saw herself in the mirror after he was done with her.

Because of all his success, Phoebe had no doubts heading to his studio. “I’m so confident with Christopher’s expertise; I just think he gets it,” she says.

And she definitely had nothing to worry about. Christopher worked his magic just as well as he’s done on all of his clients on Phoebe.

He chopped her straggly gray locks and dyed them a beautiful auburn color. Her makeup really brings out her gorgeous eyes, and seriously takes years off her appearance. You’d NEVER know she was in her 70s (or even 60s!).

“I feel rejuvenated, really—I feel like a movie star,” she says.

And she looks like one too! People who saw the video couldn’t believe their eyes.

“OMG! You took 30 years off of her. She is STUNNING! I had to make sure I hadn’t accidentally switched videos because it just doesn’t look like the same person!” someone wrote.

“Wow, she looks incredible!” someone else exclaimed. “The color of her hair and the clothing choices look really beautiful on her. I hope this experience for her was the warm hug she needed.”

“Holy cow! I cannot get over her transformation. She looks GORGEOUS!” someone else praised her.

You’ve really got to see it to believe it! Check out Pheobe’s stunning transformation in the video below.

Christopher, you’ve done it again! What do you think of Phoebe’s new look? Can you believe the same person at the beginning of the video is the person at the end?