Woman Learns How to Do Hair and Makeup the Right Way for the First Time in 60 Years

Beauty routines are very fickle things; some people prefer them to be brief, others have many steps, and then there are people who decide to do absolutely nothing in the beauty department. Whatever you chose to do is fine, of course, and it’s completely a matter of personal preference. Some people find doing their hair and makeup fun or empowering, while others find it tedious and unnecessary.

Ohio native Cindy is certainly the latter. At 60 years old, Cindy has never been a fan of complex beauty routines; she never bothered to learn how to do makeup, style her hair, or shape her eyebrows.

Frankly, she doesn’t need any of that if she doesn’t want it. Cindy has gorgeous, healthy hair and is all-around beautiful without a stitch of makeup. But just because you don’t necessarily NEED makeup or a blowout doesn’t mean you can’t play around with these things when the mood strikes you.

And after 60 years of never caring, the mood struck Cindy very suddenly.

After reading a book about makeup and hair, Cindy was thoroughly interested in trying these routines out for herself. But never having learned how to put on a face of makeup or do anything to her hair, she needed assistance. So for her 60th birthday, she went to The Makeover Guy to be completely transformed for the first time in her life.

Besides being made over completely, Cindy wanted to learn how to do the beauty essentials; i.e. skincare, eyebrow shaping, makeup application, and hair styling.

While the makeover guru himself is there to please, he was a bit intimidated by Cindy’s complete lack of experience and her intense demands. She wanted something fresh and new, but her hair was not to be colored anything too bright or cut too short. She wanted something fabulous but something she could easily style herself in the morning.

After collecting his thoughts, The Makeover Guy got to work on the “blank canvas” that was Cindy.

Cindy’s hair was cut about five inches, so she has a stylish lob (or “long bob”) that just falls under her chin. To compliment her square-shaped face, the stylist framed her hair around her eyes and gave it some voluptuous curl that we envy! Her eyebrows were also shaped with a wax job and the makeup artist walked her through each step of a basic face of makeup, even going over contouring a bit.

When all was said and done, Cindy looks absolutely radiant. She was already a naturally beautiful woman, but you can just see that she feels like a complete goddess with her new look! That confidence is the best birthday present she could have ever given to herself.

“I love it,  absolutely love it, and I learned so much,” Cindy said after her total makeover. “I can hardly believe all the tips I’ve been given about my makeup, my eyebrows, my hair. If you want to have a day where you’re totally pampered and feel like a queen, you have to do this. And it’s all stuff I can do myself!”

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