Woman Who Was Forced to Retired Because of COVID-19 Gets Stunning Makeover

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all a run for our money—but the health crisis literally forced one woman out of her job early.

Her name is Margarite and when the pandemic wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down, she made the decision to retire early from her career as an occupational therapist. It wasn’t ideal, but it was necessary.

Since then, she’s been feeling pretty down on herself. She really misses work and has been in quarantine doing, well, absolutely nothing—and surely not practicing any self-care to boot.

The combination of boredom and blah finally hit and Margarite decided that when COVID restrictions lessened a bit, that she’d pay a visit to Christopher Hopkins, aka the Makeover Guy.

A residential beauty expert, Chris has spent his near 30-year career making people feel beautiful again. And man, does he do it well. By using hair and makeup techniques personal to their skin tone, look and feel, he never fails to bring out the true beauty of his clients and make them feel like a better version of themselves.

TipHero has covered our share of gorgeous makeovers by Hopkins—from this cancer survivor to this divorcee having a tough time to a stunning “glam gram,” as she’s so called.

Margarite was no exception to his talents. When Hopkins was done with her, she looked like a completely new woman—a young, fresher, more revitalized woman.

The thing is, Margarite didn’t even really need much—but with Hopkins’ expertise and resources, he made a few changes that really stood out.

“We added some highlights but mainly showed her that she could take her straight hair, put it in some clips, let it air dry… and BAM!” Hopkins said. “Small eyes can be lined around the whole eye, but deep-set eyes need an eyeliner with a little reflective pigment. In the end, she did what was right for her. What a miraculous makeover!”

Miraculous is right. We can hardly believe the “before” image is the same person as the “after.” And we’re not the only one who sees it—Margarite feels just as good as she looks. “Now I feel revitalized and a live and when COVID is over, I’m going to be able to go out and feel good about myself,” she said.

See for yourself how spectacular Margarite looks after her makeover by the expert himself!

How beautiful is this makeover? Would you ever get an extreme makeover like this? Check out other makeovers by the Makeover Guy at makeoverguy.com.