Woman Gets the Courage Before 60th Birthday to Tell the Stylist To Do Whatever He Wants

We haven’t turned 60 years old yet, but we’ve heard that there are pros and cons to this milestone birthday. On the one hand, you get to reflect on 60 years of life, where you’ve probably accomplished a whole lot.

On the other, some people feel like 60 is when you really start to feel, well, old. And it’s common to have the urge to do something totally drastic. Maybe sky diving, or booking a trip to Africa, or volunteering to work with stray dogs.

For one 60-year-old woman named Debbie, it was to get a makeover. “I’ve always waned to have a makeover,” she said. And she decided that this was the birthday she was finally going to go through with it.

“This is a time I’m either gonna let my hair go completely grey or get the courage to set up the appointment and follow through with it,” Debbie said.

So she booked a trip to Minneapolis to see the Makeover Guy, also known as Christopher Hopkins. His salon, Christopher Hopkins Image Center, is nationally recognized as being one of the top salons in the country for their full image makeovers.

Typically, Debbie doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. Her grays are peeking through the roots of her dark brown hair, and she doesn’t know very much about how to look like the best version of herself.

She gave Christopher full reign to do whatever he wanted to do to make her feel good about herself. “Debbie came in with white regrowth and brown ends on very curly hair. She said the magic words, ‘Do whatever you want,’ and so I did,” Christopher said of Debbie’s makeover.

Christopher decided to go with something “warm and spring like” for her, dying her sad-colored locks to be a lighter, auburn shade. He cut it short and then dyed her brows a similar color.

“She didn’t know her ideal colors where were not gray and black, but warm and spring like colors. Not an easy correction, but the strawberry blonde with highlights was exactly it,” Christopher said.

As for makeup, he wanted to bring the focus to her eyes. “Width in shape to bring the focus up to her eyes, and ‘just a touch’ of makeup,” he said. “Not really. We completely recreated her face with the help of contour, color and brows.” He said it! When the big reveal went down, Debbie didn’t even recognize herself—and we didn’t either! She looks like a totally new person.

“I don’t recognize myself,” Debbie said after her makeover. “My family’s not going to recognize me, either!” When Debbie told her husband she wanted to get a makeover, he wasn’t quite sure what he thought about it. He didn’t understand why she’d want to do something like that since he liked the way she looked before—so sweet! We bet he’ll understand now.

To check out the before and after of Debbie’s makeover, watch the video below!

How crazy is this makeover? Doesn’t it look like two different people? Would you ever get a drastic makeover like this?