Woman Gets Handsy Gym Instructor Fired After Planting Secret Camera and Catching Him in the Act

@fernvillaceran via TikTok

A 22-year-old TikToker who goes by Fern has experienced something that way too many women have experienced – sexual harassment. She says that it has happened several times, and recently, the harasser was someone who worked at the gym where she would go to workout.

Fern experienced inappropriate touching from a male employee at the gym multiple times, but she didn’t have any proof. She decided to change that. She set up a camera to record herself while she worked out, but the gym employee didn’t know that. She caught him in the act.

In the video, while Fern is exercising, a man walks up to her and places his hand on her butt before walking away again like it’s no big deal. At the same time, another person at the gym is seen walking by. This person sees the harassment happen, but doesn’t do anything to try to stop it.

Watch this incident for yourself in the video below.

@fernvillacerancaught in 4k📷 please idk what to do, he always doing this :/ ##fyp ##gym ##rude ##gymstaff♬ original sound – Fern🦋

Fern says that she filmed the video to have evidence of what she was experiencing at the gym, and she posted the video on TikTok to spread awareness. In the comments, some people were confused assuming that the video was staged and that the man was her boyfriend or husband. According to Fern, he is not her boyfriend or husband.

Many other people in the comments expressed sympathy saying they were sorry she had this experience and encouraged her to go to the police with this video. They clapped back at the people who said it was staged saying even if it were staged it still really happens and this video brings awareness.

Fern posted a series of follow-up videos in which she explained the context of the video and that it was definitely not staged. She also shared that she has since gotten this man fired from his job. The gym’s management sent her a message stating that the man was let go on June 6, 2021 for breaking the gym’s rules.

Have you ever experienced sexual harassment at a gym? Do you think Fern staged this video? If she did, would it even matter?