Woman Who Has Been Through Dramatic Life Changes “Finds Her Shine” Again After Makeover

There’s nothing like a good makeover to give a man or woman his or her self confidence back. Sometimes life gets busy and people tend not to prioritize their appearance. Then, one day they wake up and realize they’ve let themselves go, and they want to do something about it.

When this day comes, many people turn to Christopher Hopkins for help. Hopkins is also known as The Makeover Guy, and for good reason. He is truly incredible at giving his clients a whole new look and helping them feel good about themselves in the process. Many makeovers he’s done have been truly remarkable. It’s hard to even believe we’re looking at the same person.

Although The Makeover Guy is based in Minneapolis, many clients travel quite a distance for a makeover. One woman came all the way from England, and she didn’t have any regrets.

Other clients turn to Hopkins for a makeover after a major life change or struggle. For example, he has given makeovers to many clients after a divorce or after surviving a disease like cancer.

Many of Hopkins’ clients are older, but he has given amazing makeovers to younger clients as well. For example, one young man was ready for a new look after he dropped 100 pounds.

Tina is 57-years-old; although, even in the before, we think she looks much younger. Regardless, she felt like she had lost her “shine,” and she wanted it back. Time for The Makeover Guy to work his magic!

Before her makeover, Tina said, “I feel like I’ve lost a bit of my shine. I’m hoping that this will help me get that back.” Post makeover, Hopkins asked Tina about her “shine,” and she said, “I certainly found it today.”

Watch the video below to see Tina’s amazing transformation.

We love how a haircut and some makeup can truly transform a person and bring out their inner beauty. Plus, we love how much she’s smiling.

Many people are certainly impressed with this makeover. One person commented, “‘Lost her shine???’ Well not any more. She sure looks like she has been polished to PERFECTION! And what a wonderful smile she is wearing now. Awesome work yet again from the ‘Minneapolis Dream Team’.”

Another comment reads, “Christopher has a cupboard full of lost ‘shine’ that he’s returning 1 makeover at a time. Looking gorgeous lady, shine on xxx.”

Have you ever felt like you lost your “shine”? Have you ever had a makeover that made you smile as much as Tina is smiling in this video?