Firefighters Come To the Rescue After Woman Falls Headfirst In a Toilet Trying To Get Her Phone

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Have you ever dropped something in the toilet? If you have, you know that it can be a dismal moment when you realize that something important is now inside something intended for bodily waste. Not only is it kind of gross to try to pull something out of the toilet bowl, at times, it can be very difficult, and the object may require the help of a plumber to fix the pipes if the object gets stuck.

Dropping your phone in the toilet not only is gross, but the water might damage the phone. That is, if you drop it in a normal toilet that flushes like you probably have in your home.

Not all toilets flush. Take outhouses for example. Some toilets, known as pit toilets or vault toilets, are basically deep holes in the ground where waste products go and never get flushed away. Toilets like this exist in national parks, for example.

One woman decided to go hiking in Olympic National Forest in Quilcene, Washington, outside of Seattle. She was at the top of Mount Walker when she decided to use one of the outhouses. The toilet inside was a pit toilet. 

The woman was using her cell phone while she was on the toilet, and she accidentally dropped it in the pit. Instead of leaving her phone behind, she was determined to retrieve it.

The woman attempted to use dog leashes to pull out her phone, but that didn’t work. Then she decided to use dog leashes to lower herself into the pit so she could grab her phone. She was lowering herself head first, but that didn’t work out either. She ended up falling in the pit.


She was able to find her phone in the muck, but she was not able to get out of the pit by herself. Thankfully, she was able to get cell phone reception, and she used her phone to call 911.

Watch the video below to learn more about this unusual rescue.

After they rescued her, the firefighters hosed the woman off and advised her to seek medical attention after being exposed to waste products. She was not physically harmed and just wanted to leave.

What would you do if your phone fell in a pit toilet? Would you attempt to retrieve it, or would you leave it there? Have you ever had to be rescued from an unusual situation?