Woman Begins Dramatic Makeover By Cutting Off 3 Feet of Hair

Getting a haircut can be a truly rejuvenating experience. Sometimes, when you’ve let your grow too long, you can feel kind of weighed down and in a rut. For most of us, all we need is a fresh cut to bring back our good vibes! Well, that wasn’t the case for this Minnesota woman, who has never experience the freeing feeling of chopping your long locks.

Until now, that is.

For the last 20 years of her life, this woman religiously wore her hair in a long braid that fell down her back; it was so long from years of growth that it reached nearly to her hips. Finally, after two decades of her signature braid and even MORE decades of avoiding haircuts all together, she decided to take the plunge.

And to give her the best before-and-after transformation, she turned to the Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins.

When she first arrives in the studio Chris (and all of us at home!) can’t help but admire her beautiful, natural hair! Tumbling down past her waist, her dirty blonde hair has some serious volume to it and it falls elegantly into gorgeous natural waves. But despite how amazing her hair is, the length and volume from all those years of letting it grow are overwhelming her tiny frame, essentially weighing her down.

They agree upon a shoulder-length cut and settle in to get started. Before you know it, one of the hair dressers takes her scissors to the woman’s braid! She cuts it right above the braided section and then holds the hair up victoriously to show her their progress. The woman looks a little shell shocked, but is still ready to forge ahead.

In no time at all, her wavy hair was been cut and styled to perfectly frame her face in a trendy long bob, or lob. She even has the makeover team do a full face of makeup, so that when she’s done, she looks absolutely stunning! You can tell she’s thrilled with her new look just by her beaming smile as she talks to the cameras.

“I feel light and airy,” She says, glowing. “They’re going to be so surprised to see me. They’ve seen me for the last 20 years with my long braid, that’s the only way they’ve ever known me.”

We’re assuming “they” must be her family and friends. And although we don’t get to see their reaction upon seeing her lovely new look, we can only imagined they’re as thrilled as she is! This fresh new cut brings out her radiant personality, which you can see is absolutely sunny through and through. Most of all, we’re just glad this makeover made her smile!

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