Woman Seeks Advice from Internet After Husband Repeatedly Body-Shames Her in Front of Daughter

Image of husband and wife arguing in front of child.Igor Vetushko via Deposit Photos

Body image is a sensitive topic for many women, and it is hurtful when people close to you find ways to toss insults in your direction. In search of a safe place to seek advice and vent, one woman went to Reddit and anonymously shared an example of the things her husband says about her weight.

In the post, she says that she is 5’1 and weighed 100 pounds when they got married but was up to 125 pounds six years later. She’s never asked him about his opinion on her body, but here’s an excerpt from her post regarding the types of things he says:

“-It’s like you’ve lost the weight everywhere except for your hips. It’s very noticeable from behind. I’ll even take a photo and show you so you can see for yourself how fat your ass is.

-I’m just motivating you to lose weight. Who else is going to tell you that you’re fat?

-He even has a game he plays with our three-year old-daughter: ‘Who’s the tall one?’ – her: ‘daddy’ ‘Who’s the cute one?’ – ‘me!’ ‘Who’s the fat one?’ – ‘mommy!!’ and they both laugh at me. okay haha very funny.”

The poster stated that her husband claims he’s just worried about her health, but nary one Reddit user found any good in how he’s treating her. Angry commenters advised the mom that he’s causing damage to her and their daughter, which could possibly lead to an eating disorder.

More than 5,000 comments poured in, with many people pointing out that the husband is being abusive with his words. They advised her to leave him if he doesn’t wise up, become respectful, and stop with the behavior, but also told her that her weight is fairly average for her height.

No updates have been posted by the woman, so it is unclear where things are headed with her hubby. But the citizens of Reddit say to drop the bully or stand up to him by showing him her confidence in her body.

What do you say? What advice would you give her? Do you agree that this woman should leave the husband alone due to the damage he’s inflicting on her and the daughter?