14 People Weigh In On Those Who Drive Around With The Windows Wide Open Blaring Music At Top Volume Level

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There are many things that many people can generally agree on, but there are some things where taste and opinion varies wildly. For example, we all have different ideas about what shows are worth binge-watching, which video games are best, and which concerts are worth a long drive.

Music is one of those things that can bring people together or divide them. Some people love country music, while other people prefer rap, pop, rock, the list goes on.

No matter what type of music you like, there is probably a type of music that you don’t like. What can be super annoying is when you’re forced to listen to music that you don’t enjoy, or when you’re forced to listen to music when you would simply like some peace and quiet.

Imagine this situation. You’re in your car driving down the road, and you get to a red light. Then the car that pulls up in the lane next to you has the windows rolled down all the way, and the driver is blaring his or her music of choice at top volume. Has this ever happened to you?

One Reddit user asked the following question to try to understand why people blare their music with the windows down:

“People who force others into listening to the music by driving a car with windows wide opened and the volume 100% on – why do you do that?”

There are some interesting answers, and there are some answers where other Reddit users could relate to the pain felt by this experience. Scroll down to read our 14 favorite answers.

  1. Sharing the Love

    Written by Reddit user nekkidhippyhobo:

    Because everyone should be listening to Dance Mix ’95 too.

  2. Airing out the Car

    Written by -Master-Builder-:

    Love the music Love the wind My car smells weird

  3. No AC

    MrCromin shared:

    I like my music loud but my AC is broken

  4. “Mating Call”

    UtterShenanigans wrote:

    It’s how I attract others of my kind, like a mating call

  5. Great Taste

    Written by AparGaming:

    How else am I gonna show off my obviously superior taste in music?

  6. Not Everyone Finds It Annoying

    From pete1729:

    For some people that’s their only opportunity to get their Ya Ya’s out. I’m nearly 60 and I don’t have a problem with this. If I catch the eye of somebody doing this I’ll bob my head like ‘this is my jam’. People like that, and they smile. If I hate the music, so what? They’ll be gone in like 10 seconds.

  7. “The Wind in Your Hair”

    Shared by Throwawaymytrash77:

    There’s not much that beats jamming out with the wind in your hair, honestly.

  8. Road Rage

    9duce wrote:

    I like getting fresh air and hanging my hand out the window. It also helps me with road rage, can’t rage when I’m to busy vibing

  9. There Was a Connection

    Shared by Fil0rican420:

    Beacuse one time i pulled up to a turning lane absolutely jamming to some Alice in chains and this guy pulls up fully blasting the same alice in chains on the same station so we jammed together and I’ve never felt closer to someone and I want that feeling again

  10. Nice Weather

    Written by totoropoko:

    Not as extreme but sometimes the weather is nice outside and you want to feel real wind on your face. That also means said wind is going to be very loud while driving so your music needs to be louder. When the car stops at an intersection it sounds like I am a douche bag but I was really doing my own thing.Note: I always sheepishly roll up my windows if it is too loud. If it is a little loud, I don’t care enough to do that.

  11. Hard of Hearing

    goodbyemyboy wrote:

    I’m partially deaf and it’s hot

  12. To Feel Cool

    Shared by Victor_Korchnoi:

    I have very little else going on in my life. This is the only way I can feel cool.

  13. Blocking out Other Music

    From Ryanx0:

    I turn my music up so I usually don’t have to hear the person next to me listening to loud music.

  14. A Very True Answer

    Written by hithere010:

    They dont think of other people simple as that