Kate Middleton Admits That Prince William ‘Worries’ About Her Baby Fever

Entertainment Tonight

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a lovely family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have three children together—Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3. However, Kate is always wanting more babies. Some (herself included) may even say she has “major baby fever.”

On her recent trip to Denmark, Kate wound up spending a lot of her time with children. Whether she was taking in how the local kindergarten class learns to even chopping some wood with them, she couldn’t help but want to soak up the time with the little ones.

Kate did admit that being around babies makes her feel a little “broody” and wanting to expand her own family. “William always worries about me meeting under one-year-olds,” she half-jokes. “I come home saying, ‘Let’s have another one.’”

But how serious is she? Even though she loves to be around babies and kids, would she really have a fourth child? Royal expert Katie Nicholl weighs in.

“I think the truth is she probably would [have another one],} she says. “She was desperate to have a third.”

Being that Kate is one of three children, she’s always wanted to have at least three (even though William would’ve been happy to stop after two). However, according to Nicholl, the family might be done having kids just based on practicality.

I think if she could, she’d have a fourth, but there’s a practical element I suppose to all of this,” she says, alluding to all of their royal duties, especially in the upcoming year.

“I think three is probably the magic number for the Cambridges, but never say never,” Nicholl concludes on her hypothesis.

We can totally see why working with young kids would make Kate long for more kids of her own. However, let’s not forget how awful her morning sickness was while she was pregnant.

Kate dealt with hyperemesis gravidarum, an incurable pregnancy complication, which causes morning sickness to go on all day and night. That means nausea and vomiting throughout the entire pregnancy, from when she wakes up to when she goes to bed. Hers was so bad that with Prince George, she had to be hospitalized because the symptoms were so debilitating. And then it repeated during the duchess’s pregnancy with Princess Charlotte.

Of course, moms often forget the pain and struggles they deal with in pregnancy and giving birth—otherwise everyone would just have one kid. And we’re sure Kate would go through all of that again if it were meant to be.

But is it? Check out the video below for more insight into whether Kate and William might have another baby.

How many kids do you think makes the ideal family?