Here’s an In-Depth Look Into Will & Jada Pinkett Smith and Chris Rock’s Unsteady History

Comedians make jokes. That’s what they do. Their goal is to get a laugh. Unfortunately, sometimes not everyone finds the joke funny.

Did you see the look on Will Smith’s face when Chris Rock joked about his wife’s hair? He was laughing.

Did you see the look on Jada Pinkett Smith’s face when Rock joked about her hair? She was definitely not laughing. She looked unamused and even hurt.

We can only assume that when Smith turned to his wife and saw the expression on her face he thought about the joke differently and no longer found it funny. Perhaps he was just laughing to be polite in the first place. After all, the camera was right on him.

Regardless, the joke resulted in violence and the use of profanity on live television. It was unexpected, and many people still aren’t sure quite what to think. Some people think Rock was out of line for joking about Jada’s hair when she has a medical condition. Other people think it doesn’t matter what Rock said; violence is never the answer.

Rock and Smith are not exactly best friends, but they do have a history that goes way back, like waaaay back to the “Fresh Prince” days. Rock has worked on projects with both Smith and Pinkett Smith. It didn’t seem that there was any bad blood between them.

Watch the video below to learn more about the history between Rock, Smith and Pinkett Smith and to hear what consequences Smith may or may not face due to his actions at the Oscars.

Do you think Smith should have his Oscar taken away? What do you think would be appropriate consequences for his actions at the awards show? Does it surprise you that ticket prices for Rock’s comedy tour have gone up since the incident at the awards show?