13 Heavy Sleepers Share the Wildest Events They’ve Ever Slept Through

fergregory via Deposit Photos

There are two kinds of people in this world: Light sleepers—like the kind who wake up if you breathe just a bit too loudly, or heavy sleepers, who can sleep through everything. Let’s celebrate the latter.

In a recent Reddit post, someone asked what the craziest thing a heavy sleeper has ever slept through—and heavy sleepers delivered. Here are the top loud events that you’d think could wake anybody (except these snooze experts).

  1. A Concert

    “A friend took a nap in his seat at a rock concert. He first dozed off while HIM was playing and slept all the way through Taking Back Sunday. He was stone cold sober, just tired apparently.”

  2. Booming Thunder

    “Boyfriend slept through thunder so loud it set off several car alarms in the parking garage right outside the window.”

  3. Labor

    “When I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, I woke up at midnight to the popping sound of my water breaking. I got up and went to the bathroom and confirmed that my water had in fact broken. Got a towel and went back to bed. Woke up at 5:30 in the morning with some big contractions and figured I better get to the hospital. Went to the hospital dilated to 9 and baby was born 20 minutes later. So labor. I slept through my labor and transition. Highly recommended.”

  4. Falling

    “Slept through after falling from my bunk bed. The lower bed is wider (queen size I think) I’m sleeping from the top bunk and I fell but didn’t bother. My sister from the lower bed was awoken as well as my parents from another room.”

  5. An Earthquake

    “A 6.8 mag. Earthquake while I was living near the bay area where it hit… Everyone else woke up because of the heavy rumbling but I staying asleep, meanwhile I would wake up to someone walking in the hallway in the morning with my door shut…”

  6. Security Calls

    “I slept through my home security system alarm going off and the phone call from the security company. I only woke up when the police were walking up my stairs of my house to the second floor talking to each other and waving their flashlights around.”

  7. A Tarantula Bite

    “I was about 12 at the time, camping with the family, and I woke up one morning with this large painful swelling bump that was obviously some kind of insect bite, but very obviously not a mosquito bite (I had plenty of those already at that point in the trip). My parents checked my tent, and found a TARANTULA with dozens of little babies on it.”

  8. A Rave

    “I’ve a mate who used to take disco naps near the bass bins at raves. Absolute mad lad. Could sleep through the apocalypse.”

  9. A Down Power Line

    “Visiting an aunt when I was younger. I was taking a quick nap on her couch. While I was asleep a power line went down across her front yard. Literally 30 ft outside the window I was sleeping next to. Multiple fire trucks. Fire men coming through the house to make sure everything was ok inside. Sirens alarms fire hoses, the works. I woke up after everything was over. Confused why the carpet was dirty and the yard burnt up.”

  10. A Fire Drill and Ambulance Ride

    “I fell asleep in my dorm room while in college. I lived alone. They had a fire drill at like 3AM. The fire fighters came, opened each room and checked on us. The fire alarm did not wake me up. They tried to shake me awake. Nothing. So they called an ambulance. Do those guys got a stretcher, loaded me up onto it and started taking me down three flights of stairs. Once we were on the fourth flight of steps I woke up and tried to jump off the stretcher. Because….well I thought I was being kidnapped. The ambulance guys still tried to get me to go to the hospital because they thought I was on drugs because I did not wake up. The truth of the matter is, that is just the way I sleep. I have 5 different alarm clocks set to wake ne up but sometimes I still do not hear them while asleep. None of my doctors know what to do about it other than tell me to buy more alarm clocks.”

  11. A Tornado

    “I once slept through a tornado that happened about mile from my hotel. My girlfriend woke me up at about 2am saying how scared she was of the storm and that the power went out and she was worried. I told her while half awake to “leave me alone I’ll deal with it in the morning” and that “it’s just thunder I don’t know why you are freaking out” she was fuming at me when I woke up the next morning and found out that a tornado destroyed a high school not to far away.”

  12. A Slap

    “I slapped my girlfriend in my sleep, she responded with a massive slap without even thinking…I didn’t wake up. She also apologized after.”

  13. An Entire Day

    “I missed a whole Saturday once in high school. I just got back from a band field trip where I didn’t sleep much for 4 or 5 days and I got home from the airport at about 3a.m. on Friday and I passed out. I woke up and saw my clock said 6 I looked out the window and I thought that the sun was coming up so I went back to sleep, I woke up a few hours later at 8 and it was dark outside, I was confused cause it should be bright at 8 am. I came out and my mom was making breakfast for dinner, which also confused me, and she asked if I was ready for school tomorrow. I was like, ‘no it’s Sunday tomorrow.’ As it turns out I slept 36 hours straight through Saturday and woke up Sunday night thinking it was Saturday morning, it is still my record for most hours slept.”

Are you a heavy or light sleeper? What’s the loudest things you’ve ever slept through before?