Wife Sells Husband’s Xbox Out of Revenge After He Sells Her Antique Tea Set Without Her Permission

Husbands and wives often have disagreements. Marriage takes a lot of work, and even in long-lasting marriages, there are moments when the couple is unhappy and doesn’t see eye-to-eye.

Communication is very important in marriage, and one couple’s lack of communication and sneaking behind each other’s backs has caused them both to be very upset with each other.

It all started when the husband made a promise to his nephew who was fighting cancer. He promised his nephew that he would buy him a gaming chair that he really wanted. That’s sweet and nice expect for how the husband went about getting the money to buy the chair.

The wife took to Reddit to explain the story, and she started by making it clear that she and her husband “do not have any savings nor do we have the ability to save money. It’s been like this for years.” While they both work, they only make enough to pay the bills.

Since they don’t have any savings, the husband paid for the gaming chair by selling his wife’s antique tea set that was given to her by her grandmother. He didn’t tell his wife he wanted to sell the tea set. He didn’t ask her if she was okay with selling the tea set. She just noticed that it was missing one day and confronted her husband about it.

Her husband argued that he would buy her a new more modern tea set, but she said she didn’t want a new more modern tea set. She wanted her grandmother’s tea set because it had sentimental value.

The husband sold the tea set for $300+. The wife was able to track down the buyer and ask if she could buy the tea set back. He was hesitant but ended up saying that he would sell it for $450.

In order to get her tea set back, the wife sold her husband’s XBOX. She didn’t ask him if she could sell it. She didn’t tell him she was going to sell it. She got $400 for the XBOX and borrowed the rest of the money from her sister.

When her husband found out she sold the XBOX, he was very upset. He called her “childish” and complained that the XBOX was “the only thing keeping him entertained in these awful times.” He called her “evil” and made her question if she did the right thing or not.

Reddit users seem to side with the wife. They point out that the husband basically stole the tea set to fulfill a promise he couldn’t fulfill on his own. One comment reads, “I was gonna say ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ but then I read he did this to fulfill a promise HE made to buy someone a gaming chair. He wrote a cheque(/check) his ass couldn’t cash. He should have sold HIS items to raise the money needed for the gaming chair. Selling your tea set was heartless. Saving up (which you state you can’t do anyway!) to buy you a modern one is pointless because the original set has sentimentality. I’m sure he is sulking but he created this mess… it wouldn’t be fair for you to be without an item of yours.”

Another Reddit user warned the wife that her problems are bigger than the XBOX/tea set argument. The comment reads, “In this story alone the husband has shown:

  • a problem with making promises he can’t fulfill

  • decided that OP should pay for his problem, not himself

  • didn’t involve OP in that decision making (snuck behind her back)

  • defended his theft (and that’s what it was since he did it without her consent or knowledge)

  • doesn’t seem to care that the tea set has sentimental value to OP

  • pitched a fit when the same thing was done to him

  • is now sulking calling OP ‘evil’ for doing the same thing he did

OP’s husband is suffering from some kind of major mental/emotional issues and needs to seek therapy as soon as possible.

Even with that therapy, his actions seriously undermine the foundations of their marriage (you can’t have a happy marriage without trust and empathy for your partner).”

Do you think the wife was out of line for selling her husband’s XBOX? Do you think this couple will be able to resolve their marital issues?