Woman Wants to Know If She’s the Jerk After Leaving Husband ‘Stranded’ When She Leaves Party to Put Baby to Bed

lucidwaters via Deposit Photos

When a husband and wife become parents, their lives change drastically. No longer is everything all about them. Now, they need to prioritize their baby.

Babies rely on their parents for literally everything. Parents need to feed them, rock them when they cry, change their diapers, and anticipate their needs.

Anticipating needs is very important in order to keep a baby as happy as possible, and having a schedule really helps with that. Napping and eating at the same time every day can help prevent a baby from becoming fussy due to hunger or exhaustion.

One new mom turned to Reddit to explain that she has her baby on a schedule at bedtime. The bedtime routine typically starts around 6:30, and the baby is asleep by 8pm. Her husband is in the military and has only been home for a month. He doesn’t have as much experience with the bedtime routine, but he knows about it from what his wife tells him. He 100% refuses to help out at bedtime beyond tucking his wife and baby in at night.

She recently had a disagreement with her husband when they attended a birthday party for one of his cousins. It all started when around 6:30pm, the wife told her husband they need to go home so she can get the baby ready for bed. They had been at the party for over 2 hours, but he responded that they needed to stay at the party for at least 4 hours.

Fast forward to 8:30, and the baby is a fussy, crying, exhausted mess. When the wife tells her husband they need to go home, he still doesn’t want to leave. He tells her to find a friend to take her home. She tried, but nobody was available to give her and her baby a ride.

The wife decided she was going to drive their car home. She wrote, “I then tell my husband he needs to find a ride home and I’m driving my car home. I say goodbye to everyone and let them know it’s past bedtime so we need to get going.”

Her husband walked her to her car and called her a jerk for ditching him at the party. The wife wants to know who was right and who was wrong.

The Reddit community overwhelmingly sides with the wife. One comment reads, “Becoming a parent means being selfless and doing what is right by your child and daddy clearly hasn’t got that memo.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “You did not ditch him, he ditched you. You do not have a baby if you aren’t ready for the responsibilities and sacrifices that follow. (This last line is for your husband, not you).”

Many Reddit users even suggest that she divorce this unhelpful dad. One person explained, “Oh wow, your problem is not about taking separate vehicles, your problem is that your husband doesn’t give a shit about you or his child. I’m sure it’s difficult to be imagine being a single parent to a two year old but this is not a person who respects you or has any interest in being a father.”

Do you think this dad needs to change his ways? Do you think he should’ve left the party when his wife told him they needed to leave? What do you think would cause this dad to wake up and start prioritizing his child?