13 People On Reddit Explain Why They Believe So Many Beautiful Women Are Attracted to Pete Davidson


Let’s be real. Pete Davidson isn’t your classic leading man type. He doesn’t look like the kind of guy that every woman would have a crush on. At first glance, he looks more like the type of guy that might have trouble getting a date.

If you know anything about Davidson, you probably know that he’s on “Saturday Night Life,” and he has dated quite a few beautiful women. His current girlfriend is Kim Kardashian. This leaves many people wondering why super attractive women are so attracted to a man that many people don’t find very attractive at all.

In order to figure out what it is about Davidson that seems to put beautiful women under a spell, one Reddit user asked, “People who are attracted to Pete Davidson, why?” 

Many Reddit users gave their honest answers to the question. Hint: personality and a good sense of humor plays into it. Plus, some people honestly like his look.

Scroll down to read 13 women’s opinions of why they and other women find Davidson attractive.

  1. “The Funny Bone”

    Reddit user ElDiario wrote:

    A friend of mine (mediocre looks, very successful with women) once said “the funny bone is connected straight to the pussy.” May be offensive at first blush, bit absolutely true in real life.

  2. Watch Him on “SNL”

    DavThoma explained:

    I know he’s not funny to everyone, but honestly I didnt find him attractive at all before I watched him in SNL. Some of his jokes and lines and when he breaks character gave me a good laugh and I kind of started to see why some people are attracted to him.

  3. “Nice Lips” and “Good Smile”

    friendofredjenny added:

    I don’t find him ugly like other people seem to. He’s not like a super hot supermodel or anything but I don’t find him bad looking at all. He has nice lips, a good smile. I like his tattoos. He reminds me of the funny misfit dudes I was into in high school.

  4. “Something About His Jaw Line”

    lydriseabove shared:

    I’ve always had a thing for skinnier dudes, usually more skinny-fit, and there’s just something about his jaw line and face shape that I find very attractive. I’ve described him before as a 6’3” Pete Wentz with a sense of humor, because men seem to have no issue accepting Pete Wentz as attractive, but so many seem to get insecure over Pete Davidson for some reason.

  5. “He Seems Very Genuine”

    BrittLee8 answered:

    He seems very genuine and he’s confident in his vulnerability. I get the feeling he is very focused and attentive with his partners.

  6. “More of a Taste Thing”

    UneventfulBox wrote:

    Dude’s got a really symmetric face with a strong jaw, that’s loads of attractiveness points right there. Tats and quirky style are probably more of a taste thing.And we don’t even need to get started on his personality, dude’s a total sweetheart with a great sense of humour.

  7. His Lack of “Agenda”

    this_itches answered:

    He doesn’t seem like he has an agenda, as far as women. I can’t stand a prepared game.

  8. He’s Not a “Creep”

    Kmlevitt added:

    I saw an interview where a female DJ asked him what his “secret” with relationships was and he went on about honesty and just communicating freely, saying “I don’t play that game where I wait to text back to seem cool, if I like you I like you and I let you know it”. And it seemed like he really believed it. Nobody who breaks up with him says he’s a creep afterward, so it seems to be true.Most guys that are that age and that successful turn into dirt bags, and they have all their moves worked out. This guy meets these women and just wants to get to know them and meet their parents and takes them to Staten Island to meet his mom. I can see how being famous but still being earnest and sincere with people he likes works in his favor in a big way.

  9. “Successful, Funny, Confident” and “Well Endowed”

    geromesinthehouse2 explained:

    I’m not attracted to him but he’s successful, funny and confident. People underestimate how these three things make someone stand out from the crowd a LOT. There are so many people just milling about, unsure of themselves and just copying what they think is acceptable. So when someone doesn’t do all that and finds success from personality alone, it’s hot because it shows individuality and drive.Beyond that, Ariana was pretty vocal about him being well endowed, and beyond that, I think he just knows that high profile relationships are a good fame boost. Time will tell whether he crashes and burns from chasing fame or whether he actually is able to stand with these incredibly famous women. He nearly crashed from Ariana alone so who knows what will happen if he breaks off with Kim. That family does not play nice to people who get on their bad side.

  10. It All Comes Back to Humor

    LovableKyle24 shared:

    The big thing imo is the fact he doesn’t take himself seriously at all. Has no issue being the butt of jokes and realizes it’s okay to make mistakes and instead of running from whatever it is he finds humor in the situation.

  11. Relationship with His Mom

    scipio79 added:

    He’s funny, as a fellow IBD patient I appreciate that he’s out there spreading awareness of Crohn’s disease, and he’s open about his struggles with mental illness. Plus he’s nice to his mom.I have to say, he’s been funny many times but the one that cracked me up the most was when he broke character and laughed while dressed as Count Chocula and almost spit out his fangs

  12. “It’s His Energy”

    10ioio wrote:

    He has a cute smile and facial expression. The way he holds himself confident but not all cocky like other male celebrities. He’s laid back, but not like a pathetic laid back. It’s his energy more than his actual appearance.

  13. “He Actually Likes Women”

    Thr0waway0864213579 explained:

    It’s mainly his personality that gives him such broad appeal. He seems like he actually likes women, for one. Which is a lot less common in guys than guys seem to think it is. He’s self aware, laid back, successful, funny, emotionally available. What’s not to like?