Map Reveals Which Food Each State Is Most Well-Known For

We love to travel, and one of things we love most about traveling is trying new restaurants and different foods. You don’t have to travel overseas to taste some pretty interesting dishes that you may not find in your home state. Every state has at least one food that they are well known for making, and it’s definitely worth trying these foods when you’re traveling to different states.

Zippia took a look at popular foods in each state and narrowed it down to just one food that each state is best known for. In some cases, this was very easy. For example, it’s hard to argue against the fact that Maine is best known for the lobster roll and Texas is best known for brisket. We’ve had the privilege of having a lobster roll in Maine and brisket in Texas, and both were worth the trip.

There are other states where it was harder to decide which food the state is best known for. For example, in New York, Zippia ultimately decided that the state is best known for their bagels, but a close runner up was New York style pizza. We would argue that cheesecake should be added to the runner up list as well. Meanwhile, in Illinois, Chicago-style pizza ultimately made the list, but it was almost beat out by the hot dog.

Take a look at the list below and see if you agree with the food that your state is most well-known for.


While we recognize most of the foods listed on this map, there are a few that we had never heard of before. That probably means that we need to visit those states and try those foods stat.

For example, we have never had a Hot Brown, which is apparently the food that Kentucky is best known for. Zippia explains that it is “an open-faced turkey sandwich covered in Mornay sauce complete with tomato halves and crisp bacon slices.” It is supposed to be creamy and delicious.

Then there’s the Runza, which is very popular in Nebraska. According to Food & Wine, it’s basically “meat and cabbage, concealed in a sleeve of dough.” It looks kind of like a hot pocket but apparently tastes a lot better.

Looking at some of the foods on this map is making us want to take a road trip to try every state’s most well-known food. We need to know if french fries taste better in Idaho and if toasted ravioli is better than regular ravioli.

Do you agree with the food listed for your state? Are there any foods on this map that you hadn’t heard of before? What foods do you want to try?