People Actually Questioned Whether or Not This Wheel Of Fortune Solve Was Real

Tom Goulet via YouTube

Wheel of Fortune is a truly incredible game. If you’ve never seen the show, three contestants compete against each other to solve various phrases and words on a board after guessing letters one by one.

We’ve seen some pretty incredible solves over the years. For example, there was this contestant who solved the puzzle with just one “T” on the board, this amazing solve that even had Vanna White in shock, and this man who was basically the star of his one-man show.

However, there’s one that truly can’t be beaten. It’s so incredible, in fact, that people often question whether it’s real or not. Why? Because it’s probably the most insane, memorable solve you will ever see.

The puzzle was part of a clue called “Before and After,” which consists of two or more phrases, names, etc. that are combined by a word that ends the first and starts the second. So for example, the phrase might be something like “A trip to Boston cream pie,” which combines “A trip to Boston” and “Boston cream pie.”

Now normally, the clue would just combine two or three phrases at most, but in a “special” episode of the show, the Before and After answer combined a BUNCH of words. And when we say a bunch, we mean it’s honestly too many to count. It was so many words that—like we said—it doesn’t even feel like it was really a real puzzle on the show!

People who watched the aftermath on YouTube were stunned, shaking their heads to the authenticity of it all.

“There’s no way that’s real,” someone wrote.

“I’m pretty sure this is fake,” another person said.

“That is one long puzzle,” someone else remarked.

We bet you’ll never witness another Wheel of Fortune solve quite like this one! Check out the video below to see for yourself. What do you think—is it real or fake?

Okay, spoiler alert: The puzzle isn’t real! It’s pretty obvious that it isn’t real, except once you watch it and how perfectly put together it is, it truly feels like it could’ve been some type of weird bonus on the show. We even had ourselves second-guessing it!

The video was created by a man named Tom Goulet, who may or may not have too much time on his hands. We’re so glad he did though since it was one of the best sources of entertainment we’ve had in a long time! Would you agree?

Did you think Tom’s solve was real at first? Can you imagine if Wheel of Puzzles were really this long and difficult? What’s the most incredible Wheel of Fortune solve you’ve ever seen on the show?