Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Have A Lot of Sex

Personal question: are you currently in the throes of a really hot, really passionate, really loving, really naughty relationship? If so, then congratulations–it sounds like you’ve really got this whole “love thing” down, and it also means that you’re also probably having lots of really, really awesome SEX.

Yep, we’re getting real today, you guys, so if you’ve got a very sneaky grade schooler who just loves to look over your shoulder while you’re reading your favorite site, it’s time for you to shoo that kiddo away because we’re about to drop some pretty hot tidbits!

So, back to our original point–you know–about how you’re having an incredible amount of awesome sex these days. As it turns out, the decision to get down and dirty in the sheets (or the kitchen, or the backyard, or wherever you like to do it) is actually one of the most naturally healthy things you can do for your body.

This is great news for those of you who might be hanging on to some of that pesky shame that some deal with when it comes to sex; here are some important reasons why you should always feel GOOD about doing “the deed:”

For one, your sexy time might be leading you to develop a healthier immune system. Although sexual contact sometimes gets a bad rap for spreading certain diseases and infections, if you take the right precautions and/or stick with a regular partner, this contact could actually make you feel better.

According to a study conducted at Wilkes Univesity in Pennsylvania, students who participated in sexual activity at least once or twice a week had higher levels of antibodies that fight germs, viruses, and other intruders. Broken down, this means that folks who experience this special type of pleasure actually have stronger bodies that are more resistant to contracting illnesses than their lonely counterparts. Beats choking down that daily multi-vitamin!

So, what else do people who have tons of sex benefit from, exactly? As it turns out, a whole lot of other surprising advantages, such as a boosted libido (duh!), a lower risk of heart disease, pain relief, a lower chance of developing prostate cancer, improved sleep (another duh!), and stress relief (triple duh!)

But, one of the most interesting benefits that very frequent sex touts is a built-in fitness plan. Yep, we’ve all, mid-act, stopped to wonder how many calories we’re losing during the most passionate moments, right? Well, it appears that dreams do come true–you CAN substitute sex for exercise. Well, kind of.

According to a study conducted at the Universit of Montreal, men shed about 100 calories and women, about 69, during an average, 25-minute session. And, while experts recommend burning approximately 500 calories per workout if you’re trying to lose some lbs., it just means that you’ll have to have MORE SEX!

Hey–sounds good to us!

We can’t wait to hear your take on these awesome sexual benefits. Do you keep a very regular “between-the-sheets” schedule? Are you currently suffering through a dry spell? Do you have any tips for bringing more romance back into the bedroom?