Woman Takes to Reddit to Vent About People Who Argue When Women Say They “Don’t Want Kids”

lenanet via Deposit Photos

You know how life works, right? You find your significant other, you get married, and you have kids! That’s the happily ever after that everyone expects, right?

Not necessarily. In fact, there are plenty of women who don’t have a strong desire to be moms.

Unfortunately, moms who don’t want kids often get ridiculed by other moms, who tell them that they’ll regret that decision, that they should want kids, and that being a parent is the best thing ever.

One mom (who doesn’t want kids) took to Reddit to voice her opinion on just how frustrating it is when she hears women trying to get people who don’t want kids to have kids—and she really wants people to stop trying to change her mind.

“I’m sure most of us have those parents or someone who will say, ’oh you’ll change your mind eventually’”, she vents. “No, I don’t think I will. Certain people have the funds and patience to deal with kids and some don’t. But I on the other hand do not have the patience for kids.”

She has many reasons for not wanting kids—a big one having to do with creating human life itself.

“I’m sick of hearing ‘well we will see when you get older’,” she says. “F**k no! Some people don’t have the time to deal with carrying a child for 9 months and having to push that baby out of your vagina or having to get a c-section that messes up your stomach.”

Another reason this mom could never see herself as a mom? The money! Raising a kid is no cheap task.

“Don’t get me started on how raising a child is expensive especially in the working class,” she writes. “I rather live my life with no worries about children and that’s absolutely final.”

Most people who’ve commented on the post agree with her.

“I had my tubes tied and people STILL tell me I’ll change my mind. C’mon y’all, I’m not going to,” someone responded.

Some even have advice on how to get people to stop bothering her abut it.

“Stop saying ‘I don’t want any kids.’ Start saying “I’m not having any kids.’ I’m not sure what it is, perhaps the wording or meaning, in “i don’t want” that makes people think they can change your mind or that you will change your mind, like a child saying “i don’t want vegetables.’ “I’m not having” sounds like a done deal, a sure deal, said by an adult who knows what they’re talking about.”

However, of course, there were some people who still couldn’t resist telling her that she’ll probably change her mind one day. And the poster has a few choice words for them:

“YOU are the reason I wrote this! ITS YOU PEOPLE! Who keep nagging about people’s preference. If I say something is final, that’s it unfortunately respect that.”

Do you know anyone who doesn’t want kids? What do you usually say to them when they explain their reasons?