‘Wheel of Fortune’ Viewers Were Baffled By Contestant’s Uniquely Wrong Answers

Yahoo! Entertainment

When we watch a game show on TV, we often try to see if we think we could do as well or better than the contestants. Sometimes we figure out the answers quicker than the contestants, but often, the contestants on game shows like “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” impress us with their knowledge and quick thinking.

On a recent episode of the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune,” one contestant gave such unique answers to the puzzles that it truly baffled many people watching at home. These particular puzzles seemed easy enough to solve for the most part, but contestant Melanie Fisher literally made a big goof.

For one puzzle where the answer was “Jolly good fellow,” Fisher answered “Jolly goof fellow.” On Twitter, many people couldn’t get over her literal goof.

That wasn’t the only puzzle Fisher goofed on. The answer to another puzzle was “wolves and sheep,” but Fisher answered, “wilkes and sheep.” Again, this left many viewers baffled wondering what she was thinking.

To make it worse, at the beginning of the show, Fisher told host Pat Sajak that she graduated college in just 3 years with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Even though Fisher goofed on a couple of her answers, she did end up doing well on the show. She made it to the final puzzle. Even though she answered incorrectly, she still made a sweet $20,000 during the game show.

Do you like to play along with game shows? Were you watching when Fisher goofed? Do you think she regrets mentioning her GPA? Do you think her goofs were due to stage fright?