Wheel of Fortune Fans Call for Rule Change After Contestant Loses on Technicality

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The game show “Wheel of Fortune” is all about solving puzzles. It can be very fun to play along and try to figure out the puzzles before the contestants on the show.

If you’re a long-time fan of this popular game show, you know that a new format was added to the show in 2016, the crossword puzzle format. This format could either make it easier or harder to solve a puzzle depending on how you look at it.

Some fans may like the crossword puzzle format more than others, but many fans agree about one pesky rule they would like to see change. This rules states that contestants cannot add any words when solving the puzzle. That means they can only say the words in the puzzle in order for their answer to be considered correct.

This rule may sound easy and obvious but it’s not that simple. Even words like “and” are considered wrong when added to an answer, and sometimes it costs the contestant the game. This happened recently, and fans want the rule to change.

David Pederson correctly solved a crossword puzzle, but he inserted the word “and” in his answer. His answer was a list of words, and it’s almost a reflex to add the word “and” before the last word in a list. He answered, “Sole, Flounder, Cod and Catfish.” The correct answer was, “Sole, Flounder, Cod, Catfish.” That pesky “and” cost him the game. Another contestant was able to solve the puzzle without using the word “and.”

Fans of “Wheel of Fortune” are not staying silent. They are expressing their dislike of the “and” rule.

Yet, other fans think the rule should remain since host Pat Sajak clearly says that contestants are not to add anything to the answer. Adding “and” is adding something.

What do you think? Do you think it’s unfair for contestants to lose just because they add the word “and” to their answer? Do you think it is fair since adding “and” is adding something and since the rule is clearly stated? Do you think “Wheel of Fortune” would ever consider changing this rule?