Contestant Solved This Difficult Wheel of Fortune Puzzle On the First Try

Wheel Of Fortune

Is there anything better than a good Wheel of Fortune solve that you thought would be near impossible? You know, when a contestant is just about to lose, but then it suddenly clicks and you’re baffled how it all went down? It truly makes our day when we watch the show and someone gets the answer to a hard puzzle!

The popular game show has had its fair share of amazing solves over the years. For example, there was the time this contestant solved the puzzle after just one letter was on the board or the time this contestant solved the puzzle with just the letter T, among many others.

However, one of the most memorable moments of all time was when a man named Shawn was able to solve a very difficult bonus round on the first try. No, in the first SECOND!

After winning the initial rounds and going on to the final bonus round, as per usual, the puzzle consisted of very few letters—10 letters over the course of two words, to be exact. The subject was merely “Person” and the popular letters—R, S, T L N and E were given, where Shawn had to guess four more and come up with the right answer in just a few seconds.

Shawn guessed the letters M, D, C and A—none of which appeared in the puzzle. Some might say that the bonus round puzzles where no other letters are offered are pretty much impossible. Even host Pat Sajak made a comment saying about how difficult it might be: “That’s all you get to work with—obviously it’s challenging.”

“Keep talking, stranger things have happened. 10 seconds. Person. Good luck,” Sajak added.

After literally one second from when the counter began, Shawn shouted out the answer to the puzzle, stunning the crowd. Heck, he even stunned Sajak himself. “I don’t get this game,” he half-joked with his jaw open, before showing Shawn his grand prize, which was a whopping $33,000. That made his grand total from the whole game $54,850.

Sajak proceeded to walk off the set as Shawn’s family came onto it to cheer him on and congratulate him. “Someone explain this game to me, I don’t get it!’ Sajak retorted from the background.

Ha—we love when even the host is flabbergasted by how amazing a solve is. You’ve really got to see it for yourself to see how shocking it was. Check out the clip below to see what the solve was—and try not to gasp!

How amazing was this solve on Wheel of Fortune? What other crazy solves do you recall seeing on the show?