‘Wheel of Fortune’ Viewers Were Stunned By This Contestant’s Jurassic Mistake

@producepat via Twitter

Ever find yourself screaming at the TV during Wheel of Fortune? Sometimes, the puzzles are more obvious for some than it is for others. So when someone doesn’t get it right away, it can be downright frustrating. Heck, if you were on the show, you’d totally get it right!

We’ve seen our fair share of Wheel of Fortune fails, but this recent one takes the cake. People who witnessed the moment are stunned by this contestant’s massive—or should we say “Jurassic”—error? The puzzle seemed so obvious to many, but for the person who solved it, it simply wasn’t.

The moment occurred in the second round of the game when the letters on the board read “_urassic Park _o_ies.” With so many letters up and only a few left, most people can guess what this puzzle will read, even without knowing the category.

However, when the contestant, named Tenaya, went to solve, she made a completely wrong error in judgment and guessed the last word completely wrong. Because of the mistake, she lost out on more than $10,000 and a trip to the bonus round.

When she lost, host Pat Sajak told her, “It’s gonna be OK. It really was fun having you here. I hope you had a good time, ’cause I did.”

She was still able to snag $4,500 that round, making her total winnings $5,500. Still, we’re sure she’s massively disappointed in the loss—and maybe even a little embarrassed. TV stardom can really get ya!

Many viewers were absolutely shocked by the mistake. In fact, some even took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the moment.

“I had to rewind it several times and laugh every single time. So amazingly bad,” someone posted.

“I am DEAD right now!!!!” another commented.

However, some people actually sided with Tenaya, saying they probably wouldn’t have guessed it correctly either—especially under the pressure of being on the game show.

“If I am being honest, I would have missed it too!!!” someone posted.

“I did not know what it was. Call me stupid ️” another said.

“I ain’t gone lie, it took me a minute to guess it right,” someone else admitted.

We’ve love to hear what you think. Check out the moment below to see what Tenaya guessed for this puzzle.

Did you know what this puzzle was supposed to say? Could you believe the guess Tenaya came up with? What’s some of the craziest fails you’ve seen on Wheel of Fortune?