Wheel of Fortune Contestants Could Not Put Together This Common Phrase For the Life of Them

@KennyK089 via Twitter

When we watch game shows like “Wheel of Fortune,” we love to play along with the contestants. Sometimes we know the answer before the contestants, and that is quite exciting. Other times, the contestants answer difficult puzzles correctly, and we are blown away by their skill at the game.

We have shared many examples of contestants correctly solving puzzles when there were hardly any letters on the board. Sometimes even hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White are amazed at how well the contestants solve these challenging puzzles.

Then there are the times when almost every letter is on the board, but the contestants still somehow manage to get the wrong answer. Recently, this happened multiple times during the same puzzle.

Three out of the 5 words in the puzzle were completely spelled out on the board. The answer seemed obvious to many at home, but to the contestants, it was apparently much more difficult to figure out.

Watch the video below to see three contestants try and fail to correctly answer this pretty easy puzzle.

Some fans of the show thought they heard the first contestant to try to answer actually say the correct answer the first time she guessed.

We believe the contestant’s first guess was “Another feather in your hat.” She said “hat” instead of “cap.” She was so very close, but even though the words mean the same thing, they are still different words, and the answer was incorrect.

Did you know the answer to the puzzle before the contestant finally guessed the correct phrase? Do you think she said “hat” or “cap” during her first guess? Have you ever used this phrase in real life?