Comedian Pretty Much Nails What Women Are Like at TJ Maxx and Home Goods

Trey Kennedy

If you have ever been to TJ Maxx or HomeGoods, you know that shopping there is a little bit different than shopping at other stores. While all the items in the store are new, unlike at a thrift store, the inventory continually changes, and the store prides itself on its deals.

Bargain shoppers who enjoy searching for deals love searching through the items at TJ Maxx. It can be just as dangerous for your cart and your wallet as shopping at a store like Target. You might enter not needing anything, but by the time you turn your cart towards the checkout line, you’ve found quite a few deals you just can’t pass up.

Comedian Trey Kennedy is an expert at nailing what people are like in different circumstances. For example, we loved his impression of how we all came to get used to wearing face masks. His video about the show The Bachelor was spot on too. Now, he has us laughing at ourselves in his video about women who shop at TJ Maxx.

If you have ever shopped at TJ Maxx or if you know someone who loves to shop there, be prepared to find yourself laughing through this whole video.

The comments on this video are priceless. Viewers love how accurate Kennedy’s impressions are. One viewer wrote, “trey makes us all forget he isn’t a single middle aged woman who had too much of her frappuccino.”

Another comment reads, “Treys girl shopping squeals are so realistic it’s actually kind of terrifying I applaud him.”

Other viewers admit that Kennedy’s video made them want to go to TJ Maxx. “Honestly as a woman, now I wanna go to TJmaxx cuz I saw a lot of cute things in the background.”

Even TJ Maxx employees agree that Kennedy’s video is shockingly accurate. “As an associate at Tjmaxx, I can say with full confidence, this is so accurate.”

Do you like to shop at TJ Maxx? Did Kennedy’s video make you want to run to TJ Maxx or HomeGoods?