She Made Headlines For Her Relationship With Trump, But We Were Surprised By What She’s Up To Now


Several years ago, Stormy Daniels made headlines claiming that she had an affair with the President at the time, Donald Trump. She claimed that the affair happened after a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, California. She wasn’t impressed with Trump’s performance or anatomy, and in her tell all book, “Full Disclosure,” she shared details that some thought were too graphic to share about a sitting president.

For his part, Trump denies the affair ever happened. Meanwhile, Daniels doesn’t like the way the media portrayed her. She recently told Yahoo! Life, “When the scandal broke and all these things happened I was just literally reduced to just porn star or a prostitute which wasn’t even accurate.”

Now, Daniels is trying to set the record straight. She explained, “I was a writer, director, producer, performer.” She added, “There’s just so much that people didn’t know, but it was just reduced to just porn star.”

Daniels does not deny that she has worked in the adult film industry, but she does not define herself simply as a porn star. That’s one reason why she decided to go on the reboot of the reality show “The Surreal Life.” She wants people to get to know who she really is beyond the headlines about the alleged affair with Trump.

Even though Daniels doesn’t like the way she has been portrayed in the media, she doesn’t let that get her down. She explained that she used to receive a lot of negative comments on Twitter, but she didn’t let that get her down either. In fact, she calls Twitter her “favorite sport.” She explained, “For all the hate I get online, at its height, the thousands of messages a day that were awful, which would add up to millions when we think about it, not one of those people has ever said anything to my face.” 

Another misconception Daniels wants to clear up is that she came forward about the alleged affair because she “was broke or desperate or washed up.” Daniels claims that is definitely untrue. In fact, she calls herself “rich.” She added, “Call me what you will, but you won’t call me broke.”

The reboot of “The Surreal Life” premiered on VH1 on Monday October 24, 2022. Besides Daniels, it also stars August Alsina, CJ Perry, Dennis Rodman, Frankie Muniz, Kim Coles, Manny MUA and Tamar Braxton. The show follows the celebrities as they live in one house together for two weeks. Will you be watching?