Comedian Nails Exactly What Most People Are Like in Costco

Trey Kennedy

If you have ever been inside Costco, you know that it’s a little bit different than your typical store. First, it’s huge, like, department store huge but not as fancy. Second, many of the items inside come in bulk sizes, which is great if you’re planning a party or if you have a very big family but can sometimes be too much for the average person. Third, you have to be a member to shop there. Membership isn’t free, but most members consider it worth it because everything inside is such a good deal.

Wait a second. If everything in Costco is such a good deal, why is it that we can never leave the store without spending hundreds of dollars? Part of the “good deal” is buying products in bulk. We’re probably buying a lot more than we really need. Costco isn’t necessarily a good deal for everyone and everything.

Then there are the free samples. We’ll admit that we’ve eaten so many free samples before that we’ve considered it a meal. That was pre-COVID. Our local Costco isn’t giving out samples right now, but if yours is, you know that it’s a temptation that’s nearly impossible to resist.

What do Costco shoppers have in common? They like deals. They don’t mind paying for a membership in order to “save.” They don’t mind buying products in bulk; they might actually prefer it. They better have a lot of room in their car to bring everything home.

That’s just a short list of what Costco shoppers are like, but comedian Trey Kennedy does a much better job than we do explaining what it’s like to shop at Costco. Watch this video, and get ready to laugh.

These jokes are crazy accurate. It’s seriously funny because it’s true. You know that Rice Krispie Treats joke? Mormons confirm that it’s accurate. One person wrote, “OH MY GOSH when he mentioned the rice krispy treats and he was like “who would need all of these unless you’re.. Mormon like-“ I laughed my HEAD OFF CAUSE ITS WAY TOO ACCURATE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 as a Mormon, I approve this joke.”

Do you shop at Costco? Do you ever make it out of the store without spending hundreds of dollars? Do you eat all the samples?