Lil Nas X Reminds Parents What “Old Town Road” Is About Receiving Backlash for New Music Video

Lil Nas X

Being a parent is difficult, but at least most people know that when they sign up for the job. At the hospital, we’re even required to sign a form stating that we’re responsible for our new baby.

It’s up to parents to create rules for their children to follow. Rules may vary from parent to parent and will most likely change as the children get older, but usually, there will be rules. These rules can include screen time limits, rules about what is okay to watch, what is okay to listen to, and what is okay to eat.

Today we’re focusing on the controversy sounding Lil Nas X. If you have kids, they might be huge fans. In fact, many parents are upset about his latest song and music video because their children are fans. Some parents don’t think this latest song is appropriate for their children and they think it’s pushing an agenda.

Let’s back up for a second. Lil Nas X burst onto the music scene with the hit song “Old Town Road.” Parents thought that song and the music video was perfectly fine for their children to watch. In the video, he rides a horse, wears a cowboy hat and has his picture taken with an old lady who looks at him admiringly. Seems sweet enough.

His latest song is titled “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” and it’s a little bit, well, different than the song parents were okay with. Lil Nas X is openly gay, and in the video, he even goes down to hell to have some alone time with Satan.

Lil Nas X claims that he is not responsible for what children watch and listen to. He’s putting that responsibility back on parents. He also claims that the video was his idea because he’s an adult and that’s his right.

The response seems to be pretty split about whether or not parents are right to be mad about Lil Nas X’s latest song. On one side, people think the responsibility should fall on the parents.

On the other hand, some people point out that the latest song was inappropriate because of Lil Nas X’s current fan base.

Lil Nas X points out that parents need to pay more attention because the lyrics to “Old Town Road” aren’t all that innocent. In fact, they’re about adultery.

Need a refresher on the lyrics? Here you go.

Riding on a tractor / Lean all in my bladder / Cheated on my baby / You can go and ask her’My life is a movie / Bull riding and boobies / Cowboy hat from Gucci / Wrangler on my booty

Do you think it was inappropriate for Lil Nas X to release a video that many parents consider inappropriate for children when children are a huge part of his fan base?