15 Introverts Reveal the Things That They Find Most Irritating in Life

belchonock via Deposit Photos

While extroverts enjoy social situations and being around a lot of people, introverts need time alone to recharge. That doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy social situations, but some do more than others.

There is a sliding scale between being extroverted and being introverted, and everyone is on it somewhere. People who identify as introverted are often irritated by things extroverts enjoy or don’t even think about.

Reddit user humanbean07 asked, “As an introvert what irritates you the most?” Many introverts took the opportunity to share common things they find particularly annoying. 

If you’re an extrovert, you might find this list surprising and eye-opening. If you’re an introvert, you’ll probably feel very seen and understood.

  1. Networking

    Reddit user brat2020 wrote:

    You can’t even survive, forget growing in your career without so-called networking, no matter how top of the game you are in knowledge and skills. I’m in scientific research. It sounds harmless when people tell, you need to have a big network of colleagues to get a good job. Does my research papers in high impact journals mean nothing? Answer is not without friends who lobby for your job.

  2. Misunderstood

    kindamymoose explained:

    People thinking that “introvert” means “disliking people.”I love people. I love learning about people. But when I want space to recharge, that’s it. It’s nothing personal.

  3. I Don’t Need to Be Fixed

    pizdec-unicorn shared:

    The assumption that it’s something that needs fixing

  4. “Guilt Tripping”

    raviolioh added:

    The guilt tripping after you say no to plans. And the way it feels like you have to have an excuse for being busy rather than just not wanting to go, just to avoid the guilt tripping.

  5. Don’t Jump to Conclusions

    itsaloggylogworld answered:

    When people clump introverts together with social awkwardness/social phobia/agoraphobia. They’re not the same thing.

  6. It’s the Truth

    aintthatjusttheway wrote:

    When people dont understand “recharge” time is a real thing.

  7. Please Don’t Go

    DunGoofdMan shared:

    I literally get so nervous whenever I have to leave a group hangout or party just bc what if everyone starts trying to make me stay when I just want to leave. Like just let me leave jfc

  8. Expectations

    zomboromcom answered:

    Thwarted expectations for time alone. We’re planning to go out, spend time together? No problem. I’ll rest up for it. But you let me think I’ve got a night/day/weekend to myself, or our thing will be over at 7 and now it’s 9:30 with no sign of ending soon, I’m going to be irritated

  9. “Not Anti-Social”

    four2andnew added:

    I’m not anti-social. I enjoy being with my people, but I don’t want to hang out 7 weekends in a row. I need that time to recharge after working M-F.

  10. It’s Not a Bad Thing

    gor8884 added:

    People acting like it’s a bad thing.

  11. Obnoxious People

    SebastianPedal shared:

    people being obnoxiously loud or inconsiderate, it’s like do they not notice.

  12. Small Talk

    passionfrye wrote:

    Small talk. I can’t do it. I don’t know what to say. Especially when I’m talking to a stranger (I work retail so sometimes I get those rly chatty customers)

  13. Introductions

    SexyPiranhaPartyBoat added:

    Let’s go around the group so everyone can stand up and speak for a few minutes to introduce themselves

  14. Open Doors

    mattski54321 answered:

    When people come into my room and don’t close the door when they leave

  15. “Talk More”

    thrashxer-199X wrote:

    people assume i’m stuck up and they tell me to talk more