9 People Point Out the Weirdest Things They’ve Noticed About the English Language

DmitryPoch via Deposit Photos

Whether or not English is your first language, you’ve probably been confused by it before. Let’s face it—the English language has some weird quirks! Do we have to tell you about how there’s a silent K in “knife,” but it makes a hard “kuh” sound in words like “kite” or “kitty”?

In a recent Reddit thread, people pointed out some of the weirdest things they’ve noticed about the English language. We definitely agree with all of these!

  1. The Pronunciation of Bologna

    “If bologna is pronounced baloney, why is lasagna not pronounced lasoney?”

  2. Rhyming is Weird

    “English is a confusing language since read rhymes with lead and read rhymes with lead, but read doesn’t rhyme with lead and read doesn’t rhyme with lead.”

  3. All the Sounds Letters Can Make

    “Dude, ‘Pacific ocean,’ three different ways to pronounce “C”… English go home, you’re drunk.”

  4. Occupation Names Are Strange

    “How or what does a plumber, plumb? And shouldn’t a building be called a built?”

  5. And So Are Regular Names

    “If Sean is pronounced as Shawn than why is Dean not pronounced as Dhawn?”

  6. Everything Looks the Same But Isn’t Pronounced the Same!

    “Like how Cough, Tough, Rough, Though, Plough, and possibly a few I missed don’t sound the same but look it: BECAUSE ENGLISH IS HELL.”

  7. Like, State Names—What the Heck?

    “ Kansas and Arkansas are said differently too.”

  8. And City Names, Too!

    “There’s Bowie, Texas, David Bowie, the Bowie knife. Then, there’s Bowie, Maryland, pronounced like Boo-eee. Then there’s Houston. In Texas, it’s a city pronounced Hues-ton. In NYC, it’s a street pronounced House-ton.”

  9. Nothing Is Called By its Proper Nam

    “Escargot are not called garden snails, calamari isn’t called tentacles and Chevaline is not called horse buttock steak burgers!”

What are some weird quirks you’ve noticed about the English language?