Wedding RSVP Card Is Going Viral Because of Its Menu Mistake


When it’s time to celebrate, it’s time to send out invitations. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, an anniversary or a wedding, one of the first steps to celebrating (after deciding on the date and venue) is inviting guests.

Just like everything else involved in planning a wedding, there are a lot of options. Brides and grooms taste test cake and stress out planning the seating chart. Brides try on countless dresses and veils. Grooms get fitted for a tux. What type of flowers should be in the bouquet? What are the wedding colors? There are so many questions to answer that wedding planning has caused multiple bridezillas.

While brides and grooms have a lot of questions to answer when planning a wedding, their guests have a few questions to answer as well. The RSVP card that’s included in the wedding invitation often includes more than a simple question of are you attending the wedding. The RSVP card may also give menu options for dinner at the reception.

One Reddit user shared an RSVP card from a wedding invitation that made a glaring mistake. The card asks the guest to indicate the “choice of entree.” There are three entrees listed. The first two are pork or beef. The last one makes the bride and groom sound anything but humane. The third option is: child (12 and under).

Obviously we realize that the “child” entree really means that there is a kids meal option for children attending the wedding; however, the wording does not make that clear. Many people find this RSVP card hilarious and are adding to the joke. One Reddit user joked, “Dietary restrictions: ginger children.”

Another comment reads, “Excellent choice, sir. 2006 was a fabulous year for children.” 

Other Reddit users are quick to point out the reality of choosing “child.” One person commented, “Eating children jokes aside, I’m just picturing checking that off and getting like a happy meal or something.” In response, another person added, “I’d say it’s almost certainly gonna be chicken nuggets or chicken fingers. Maaaaybe mac and cheese.”

The bride and groom may get some interesting responses to this RSVP. We wonder if anyone will choose “child” just to see what’s included in the meal.

What do you think guests will be served if they choose “child”? We think chicken nuggets is probably a safe bet.

How would you respond if you received this RSVP card in the mail?