Bride Enraged After Discovering a Wedding Guest Took 10 Containers of Food From Buffet and Left a $5 Gift

.shock via Deposit Photos

Weddings are expensive, stressful and did we forget to mention expensive? There is a lot to plan. There is a lot to arrange. There is a lot to buy. Even with the help of a wedding planner, it can be overwhelming. Plus, many brides often have a vision in their head of what they want their wedding to look like. It’s a lot.

One of the decisions an engaged couple has to make is what kind of food to serve at the reception. Will it be buffet style? Will it be a plated meal served to each guest? After reading about one bride’s experience at her wedding, we’d lean towards a plated meal to prevent a similar experience from happening.

The bride explained that her wedding was small. There were only about 25 guests, and they mainly consisted of close family and a few close friends. One of these close friends was her dad’s BFF. She wrote, “Anyway, a few days before the wedding, my dad’s friend asked him if it’s okay if his daughter and her husband came, and I didn’t have a problem with it.”

After the fact, she wishes she hadn’t said it was okay because the daughter did the unthinkable. She showed up “without her husband, but with about 10 Tupperware containers. TO TAKE FOOD.”

The food at the reception was all buffet style. The daughter filled 7 containers with food from the buffet and filled the other three with cookies. She also took “a couple bottles of beer, and most of the centerpieces.”

The bride didn’t know any of this until after the wedding when her dad told her. The kicker is that the friend’s daughter who stole everything only gave the bride a $5 bill as a wedding present.

The bride added that this wedding guest is “not poor.” Then she asked, “But seriously! Who tf does this?”

It turns out it’s more common than we’d like to think that a wedding guest will steal food from the wedding. Many Reddit users shared their own stories of guests taking food from weddings and other big events. One person wrote that at his and his now wife’s engagement party, “One couple shows up with a cooler. We hadn’t thought much of it. We figured they brought their own booze. But later we found out they filled the cooler with booze. Oh and no gift, not even a card. They made off with an unopened bottle of Crown Royal, Vodka, and a bunch of beer.”

Another comment reads, “My wife and I got married in 2012, and we had 2 large sheet cakes to serve at the reception in addition to the 3-layer cake that we cut as part of the show. We ended up with an entire untouched sheet cake that I was looking forward to digging into when we returned from the honey moon. Fast forward a week, and we return from Orlando only to find that an elderly couple we invited literally stole the entire sheet cake without asking. They just took the entire thing.”

Another bride shared that the caterers at her wedding provided everything, and although it was expensive, she felt it was worth it. The only thing she had to provide was to-go containers for leftovers. She wrote, “We bought the standard takeout styrofoam box with the flip lid. Once the caterers had boxed it all up (in individual meals) they left them stacked in the kitchen for us. At the end of the night, we went to get them to divide among us and close family members. As the bride, I was starving and ready to dig in (brides are often too busy hosting to actually eat much) so imagine my shock when I discovered all 30 or so boxes were gone. Not sure who helped themselves to them, but I was livid.”

Have you ever seen a wedding guest take food from the wedding reception? How would you react if you saw someone taking a large amount of leftovers from a wedding reception without even bothering to ask if it was okay?