Amazing Space Saving Furniture

If you were told that you have to move into an apartment that was 200 square feet, you’d think it would be impossible, right? Well, you may think it would be impossible before you saw these incredible furniture designs. Trust us, you won’t believe your eyes when it comes to this innovative furniture.

The company responsible for these incredible products is called Resource Furniture. They’re dedicated to creating revolutionary furniture that is stylish and compact, all at once.

From beds to desks, Resource Furniture offers a line of furniture which takes space efficiency to a whole new level. Every piece works smoothly, avoids unnecessary work on your end, and camouflages effortlessly into your decor when it’s not being transformed from one function to another.

Our favorite is the company’s take on the traditional Murphy bed. A few different models are offered, one which pulls out by tugging on a shelf and another which comes down over a desk. What we love about that second model is that the desk stays perfectly horizontal as the bed lowers, allowing you to stock an office desk without having to remove everything off the surface every time you want to lower the bed.

We also love the bunk bed option, which operates in only 12 1/2 ” of space. And the beds themselves are so sleek and stylish!

The possibilities of living have become so much more expansive thanks to companies like this; with space saving furniture, you can live in a much smaller and inexpensive space, allowing you to live where you’d like without spending top dollar.

What do you think of these products? Share your thoughts on these innovative pieces in the comments section below.