Kelly Clarkson Surprised A Las Vegas Street Performer, And Her Reaction Warmed Our Heart (VIDEO)

Marc Piscotty

You might think that if you saw one of the most famous singers in the world you’d instantly recognize that person, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, when you’re not expecting to see a celebrity, it takes a few minutes to realize the person’s true identity. That makes the realization even sweeter.

One street performer in Las Vegas was singing her heart out hoping to get money from passers by who enjoyed her music. She never expected to get a tip from a famous singer, and she never expected to actually get a hug and an impromptu performance from that famous singer.

Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson was in Las Vegas walking down the street one day when she heard a street performer singing. She appreciated the music and decided to give her a tip. At that moment, the street performer was thankful for the tip, but she didn’t recognize Clarkson.

The street performer asked Clarkson to sing, and Clarkson, agreed. When she took the microphone, the street performer was surprised at how well Clarkson could sing because she still didn’t realize that she was listening to Kelly Clarkson.

Then it dawned on her. She suddenly realized that the person who gave her a tip and who was now singing into her microphone was none other than Kelly Clarkson.

In response to her realization, Clarkson and the street performer shared a hug, and Clarkson later posted a video of the interaction on Instagram. Watch this sweet moment for yourself below.


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As Clarkson explained in the caption of her post, she “was on my way to soundcheck for @iHeartRadio tonight in Vegas” when she had the interaction with the street performer. She was going to perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. During the performance, she performed some of the songs from her latest album, “Chemistry.”

Do you think you would recognize Clarkson if she walked up to you? Does it surprise you that the street performer didn’t recognize her right away?