The Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Your Bras

Your bra is a fickle thing. Not only are they difficult to choose, difficult to measure correctly, and difficult to wear sometimes, they’re even difficult to wash. Bras are delicate (hence being referred to as “delicates”) and need to be washed properly so they are not ruined – and let’s face it ladies, braziers are not cheap. Save yourself money, energy and bras by learning a few do’s and don’t’s of bra washing.



1 . Do: Fasten the Snaps

To keep your bra from snagging on itself, causing pulls and tears in the expensive fabric, clip your bra together. After all, that is what those clips are for, use ’em! It should be noted that this is really only crucial if you’re machine washing your bras (I’d imagine hand washing a fastened bra would be pretty annoying) and it’s especially important if your bra has under wire.

2. Do: Read the Label

Not all bras are equal. Or, at least, not all bras are the same. Some will require hand washing, others will not. It’s all on the label and we highly encourage that you read it before you do anything.

3. Do: Wash Fairly Often

It’s safe to say that if you can’t remember the last time you washed your bra…it’s time. As gross as it is to say aloud, your bras are an undergarment, which means they can get unspeakably nasty pretty quick. To stay at your freshest, keep your bras at their freshest, too!



1 . Don’t: Throw Them in the Dryer

FOR GOODNESS SAKE, DO NOT PUT YOUR BRAS IN THE DRYER. This is Rule #1 of owning a bra: they are not meant for the dryer. True, if you put them in the dryer they’re not going to crumble into ashes, but let’s just say it’s really not good for them. To get bras that fit and feel the best, hang dry your bras (and all delicates, for that matter).

2. Don’t: Use Bleach

Bleach = Bad. While some bras can handle it better than others, bleach is generally a bad idea for braziers. Heather Cichowski, from Into the Gloss, wrote that bleach can literally melt your bras in the wash. And that doesn’t sound fun to wear, does it?

3. Don’t: Throw in with Like Colors

If you’ve been doing your own laundry for some years, you’re probably used to like colors being washed together. Not so with bras. Throwing in a delicate with a heavy duty load of clothes or comforters, no matter their similar color, is bad for your bra. It’s suggested that you simply do a delicate-only load or consider buying a lingerie bag to keep your bras separate from bigger, badder clothes in the wash.


For more bra washing tips, check out this article from Bustle. If you have suggestions or comments of your own, please share them in the comments section below! Everyone’s bras will thank you for it.