Poison Control Officials Issue New Warning For That Dropper In At-Home COVID Tests

Good Morning America via YouTube

As at-home COVID-19 tests become more and more commonplace, Poison Control wants everyone to some safety tips surrounding the dropper inside.

Don’t worry, the test is perfectly safe to take. However, the Center warns that there have been some instances where people have mishandled the chemicals inside the kit.

“We’ve seen about 19 cases so far in Florida where someone has gotten into the little liquid in the vile in the kit,” said Wendy Stephan, an epidemiologist with the Miami office of the Florida Poison Control Center.

In those 19 cases, the majority are from children—aka the grabby toddler who swipes anything within their reach. As far as the chemicals, inside each kit is a vile that contains sodium azide, which is the same chemical used to make an airbag in a vehicle go off. Definitely not something you want your kiddo playing with.

Don’t worry—it contains a very little amount so it’s most likely not going to do too much harm if it gets on you. However, what we want to avoid is it getting INSIDE of you, or in your child’s belly.

“Really what we’re worried about would be taking it internally. Right? So, a child getting it in the mouth.” Stephan said. “The worst-case scenario really would be looking at something affecting the child’s blood pressure, particularly heart rhythm.”

Another concern is if the chemicals end up in the eyes. There have been a few cases of the liquid splashing up into or near the eyes, and even some people mistaking the dropper for their eye drops, causing them to directly put it in their eyes. “It’s not designed to go in the eye, so you would experience some burning or irritation,” Stephan said.

Luckily, there haven’t been any reports for serious injuries related to the vile. In order to keep it that way, Stephan offers up these tips: “Keep an eye on that little vile and keep the little hands out of the process,” she says. “They need to be up and away, so out of sight, out of reach.”

Basically, hide them away in your medicine cabinet, like you would any other health-related product, and not out in the open, like on the kitchen table or countertops!

If someone you know does ingest or get the liquid in their eyes, call the Florida Poison Control Centers at 1-800-222-1222. You may want to save the number in your phone for emergencies!

Learn more about at-home COVID-19 test and this recent warning in the video below.

Do you know anyone who has had trouble with the at-home test’s vile before?