Walmart Shopper Pulls Gun on Man in a Dispute Over Not Wearing a Mask

As restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic begin to loosen around the country, more and more people are making a stink about wearing a mask in public. Though masks have been proven to be helpful in limiting the spread of the virus, there’s been countless stories of people who have absolutely refused to do so.

For example, one grown woman literally threw a childlike tantrum in Costco after being asked to put on a mask, sitting down cross-legged in the middle of the store and refusing to listen. Then there was the maskless woman who caused a scene at Trader Joe’s when employees asked her to leave the store, claiming she had a breathing problem. Oh and let’s not forget the Florida man’s outburst over being asked to wear a mask that cost him his job.

Yes, indeed, there are some pretty resistant people out there. And while these people were certainly out of control, one recent dispute in Walmart takes the cake for being the most out of control. In fact, the incident was downright dangerous and scary.

A security camera at a Florida Walmart captured an unmasked man pulling out a gun on a masked person, threatening to kill him, right there in aisle 5.

In the video, the unmasked man is seen pushing an older man in a wheelchair wearing a red face covering throughout the store. When the pair is met with another masked passerby, the unmasked man first flashes him his middle finger and then proceeds to take out a handgun from his waistband.

Even in a low-quality surveillance camera footage, you can sense the rage and fear. In fact, a young girl with the masked victim is seen yanking on his arm, seemingly wanting to pull him away from the threat. Another man is also seen attempting to intervene.

The gunman left the store in a white Chevrolet Equinox SUV. He was wearing dark-rimmed glasses, a black T-shirt with a black and white American flag on the back, gray shorts, and black sneakers. He has dark hair and a pale complexion.

If you recognize this man or anyone else in the video, investigators are asking that you contact Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County. Call 800-458-8477 or visit, where you’ll be able to leave an anonymous tip.

Wow—can you believe some of the actions people take in regards to wearing masks in public? What is your opinion on wearing a mask? Have you ever approached someone not wearing a mask in a public setting asking them to cover their face?