Walmart Forced to Pull Cactus Toy After Learning It Swears In Polish

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect Christmas present for everyone on your list. Sometimes you have to guess at what they would like. Other times, it might seem like they already have everything they want, so it’s hard to know what would be a welcome gift.

Children are sometimes easy to buy gifts for. A fun toy is enough to make any child happy. The problem is that what one child considers fun might be boring to another child. There are lists of popular toys that can help, and obviously asking the child or the child’s parents what the child wants or likes would be very helpful. Yet, sometimes an unexpected toy that’s not on the list might end up becoming a favorite gift.

One grandmother thought she had found the perfect, fun gift for her grandchild. It’s a singing cactus that sings in three different languages, English, Spanish and Polish. A lot of toys sold in the United States talk or sing in both English and Spanish, but it’s rather unusual for a toy to sing in Polish. This grandmother happens to be Polish, so the addition of this third language would make the gift especially appropriate.

Except, this gift is actually very inappropriate for a children’s Christmas present. The grandmother decided to listen to the cactus sing the three songs before wrapping it up. The cactus sings a different song in every language. The songs in English and Spanish were fine. The song in Polish shocked the grandmother and left her wanting a refund and an explanation.

It turned out that this was not the first time a customer had complained about the dancing cactus toy. Walmart ended up deciding to pull the toy from its website.

Watch the video below to learn why Walmart and this polish grandmother decided this dancing cactus toy was not an appropriate toy.

Have you started your holiday shopping? Have you ever bought a toy online that was not what you expected when it arrived? Do you think Walmart should offer a refund for anyone who bought the dancing cactus toy? Why do you think the toy was still being sold in November when the first complaints were over the summer?