Walmart Apologizes for Inappropriate Ugly Christmas Sweaters

CBS Dallas Digital

Remember back in the day when Grandma used to give gifts that nobody really wanted to wear, like hand-knit sweaters? Nowadays, Grandma doesn’t need to knit those sweaters because retailers everywhere are stocking the shelves with them thanks to ugly Christmas sweater parties. They’re basically essential festive attire because they’re so ugly they’re actually sometimes cute.

While you can definitely make your own ugly Christmas sweater by attaching pretty much whatever you want to a regular sweater (think bows, stuffed animals, stickers), you can also conveniently order one online.

Target has them. Amazon has them. Walmart has them, but it appears that Walmart needs to police their website better.

Recently, customers shopping at Walmart’s Canadian website noticed something rather surprising when they were browsing ugly Christmas sweaters. One sweater featured a weird looking Santa who appeared to be holding a straw in one hand, and he had three white lines on the table in front on him. Yup, it was a very blatant drug reference.

Walmart says that the sweater was being sold by a third party realtor called FUN Wear, and they have since pulled the sweater from their website.

For more on this story, watch the video below.


In other surprising news, Twitter users seem disappointed that the sweater is no longer for sale saying that they would’ve actually bought it.

Do you own any ugly Christmas sweaters? Are you surprised that a sweater with a drug reference was for sale on Walmart’s website? Do you think Walmart’s apology was enough? We can’t help but wonder how many people ordered this sweater before it was pulled from the Canadian website.