Local Karen Can’t Get Over the Fact the Women Are Walking an Emotional Support Pig

Sometimes instead of prescribing medicine, a doctor might prescribe an emotional support animal; however, unlike service dogs, emotional support animals are pets and not service animals. The difference between a typical pet and an emotional support animal is that a medical professional like a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist has determined that the animal will help improve the patient’s mental health. In that case, the medical professional, writes a prescription for an emotional support animal.

According to the US Service Animals website, any animal can be registered as an emotional support animal. While dogs may commonly be considered emotional support animals, a cat, bunny or even pig could be registered an emotional support animal.

One pet owner was walking her emotional support animal with a friend when a nearby lady (who we’ll refer to as Karen) couldn’t help but say something. Instead of minding her own business, this Karen fired off a list of questions and seemed completely appalled by the idea of someone walking a large pig.

That’s right; the emotional support animal in this case is a little unusual. It’s a pig.

The owner was taking care of the pig better than many people take care of their dogs. She picked up after the pig when it did it’s business, and she kept the pig on a leash. Still, Karen made threats and completely freaked out. Watch the video below to see this neighborhood encounter for yourself.

Many people who viewed this video completely agree with the emotional support pig owner and her friend that Karen needs to mind her own business. One comment reads, “People are doing no harm leave them alone it’s not difficult.”

Another viewer wrote, “Leash laws and she picks up his poop.Karen needs to find another hobby and leave them alone she is a grumpy pants.”

Other viewers think the pig’s owner is just as crazy as Karen. One person wrote, “This Karen is nuts. These people walking a pig are nuts. If i was there I’d simply just make fun of them for needing a pig for emotional support.. cause that is pretty freaking stupid.”

Another viewer commented, “Seriously! An emotional support pig? I think that some people just do this for the attention they never got as kids.”

Do you have an emotional support animal? Do you think it’s acceptable to walk an emotional support pig like you’d walk a dog? Did you know a pig could be considered an emotional support animal?