This Normal-Looking House Has Virtually No Color on the Inside


Real estate agents often tell sellers to stage their homes so that they are appealing to multiple buyers. One common way of doing this is by making a few modifications to the decor so that it is more of a blank slate without a lot of personality. For example, a seller might paint the walls a neutral color, pack up personal photos and niknaks and remove excess furniture.

Not every seller listens to their real estate agent. Often, this means that prospective buyers tour homes with a lot of personality and have to try extra hard to imagine what their belongings would look like inside this home. Then, there are the rare instances when a home could use a little more color.

One home for sale in the UK looks perfectly normal on the outside. The description sounds appealing. We’re sure the listing agent had to feel pretty proud of writing the description for the home which starts out by explaining, “Having an extremely individual design, this property will take you on a spectacular tour of wonder and amazement. The unique home boasts both a touch of luxury and privacy whilst keeping many original and industrial features from its heritage and past.”

You might wonder what “extremely individual design” means, but as we scrolled through the pictures, we quickly found out. Honestly, at first we thought the photos must have been edited with a black and white filter since there is literally no color in most of them. The kitchen, living room and even bedrooms in this 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home are all shades of white, silver and gray.

Then, the last few pictures show a few pops of color letting us know that these photos were not edited. The rooms are really just that colorless. These red pillows in the home’s gym are almost too much after seeing so many pictures without color.


We suppose it’s better to move into a colorless home than one with too much color. A little paint and the new homeowner’s most likely non-white furniture would easily add a lot of personality.

Have you ever seen a home with so little color on the inside? How would you decorate this home? Do you think it would be hard to sell a home that’s this colorless?