Dad’s Viral Videos on TikTok Earn Him 3 First-Class Tickets from Delta Airlines

lolnissy via TikTok

We all miss travel during this crazy time that is the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t we? It doesn’t have to be an all-inclusive tropical beach vacation or a luxurious European retreat—any kind of travel will do. Even just being on an airplane feels foreign these days.

One man named Steve Simao felt the exact same way. In fact, he missed flying on an airplane so much that he decided to purchase old first-class airplane seats from a Delta plane, just to keep in his home.

Steve texted his daughter, Annisa, while she was away at school, and told her that he was going to buy the seats. Annisa thought it was too good not to share the story on her TikTok account—and she was right. It went viral.

“If you know him, you know he’s pretty goofy, always doing the most, pretty extra,” Annisa described her dad in the first of a mini-series of videos of him enjoying the seats. It’s honestly the purest content we’ve ever seen.

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Before she got to see her dad in person, he’d send her selfies of himself enjoying the seats. Then, when she went to visit him on a trip home from school, she found him sitting in the seat with the seatbelt fastened cozying up with a Delta’s infamous red blanket watching the airline’s safety in-flight safety video. It was a sight to see for sure.

In fact, Steve even caught the attention of Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian, who sent Annisa a personalized message for him.

The video was addressed to “To the dad with the Delta seats.”

“I understand that your dad really misses travel on Delta during this crazy year. I’m glad he’s enjoying those first-class seats in your home,” Bastian began in a video to Steve and Annisa.

As a token of their appreciation and to lighten the spirits a bit, Bastian also informed them that on behalf od Delta, he’d be providing three first-class tickets to any destination of his choosing for when he’s ready to travel again.

For now, Steve is still enjoying his Delta seats right in his home. Check out the video below of he and his daughter sitting in the seats and finding out they just got offered three first-class tickets from Delta’s CEO.

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How sweet is Steve loving these old Delta seats? Do you miss travel as much as Steve? How far would you go to feel like you were taking a vacation somewhere these days?