Viral TikTok Perfectly Explains ‘Not All Men’ With Three Powerful Analogies

prithika.chowdhury via TikTok

We can agree that not all men are dangerous to women. If you’re a woman, you might even be married to one of the good guys. You might have a brother or father who would never harm or sexually harass a woman. However, danger still exists.

Some men have sexually harassed women, caused harm to and even killed women. Some men is too many men, and when you’re a women and see a strange man who looks like he’s following you, there’s no way to know for sure if he’s dangerous or not. That’s why TikTok videos with fake video phone calls exist. That’s why there are safety tips shared through social media.

Men, we get it. If you’re a good guy you don’t like the idea of women being scared of you for no reason. In fact, you may even feel compelled to rescue a woman if you see her in danger. Bravo, but approach with caution.

According to Jorge Arteaga, the deputy director of an organization that wants to end harassment, “When you see violence or harassment remember to focus on safety and on helping the person who is experiencing the harm, or harassment. Don’t escalate the situation, you want to be clear and concise about what they’re doing, why it’s wrong, and what you want them to do to stop.” He continued, “Now, for some men, they may feel wary approaching the situation or being direct because they may not want the woman to perceive them as also trying to harm them. That is understandable, and that is why you should always assess the scenario to find out what the best way to support is. Don’t get caught up in saving the day and focus on supporting the person being harmed.”

Back to the part about good guys not wanting to be lumped in with the dangerous guys. Influencer Prithika Chowdhury came up with three metaphors that she hopes will help men understand how women feel about the situation. The first metaphor is about doors. The second metaphor is about an alligator. The third metaphor is about cheesecake. Really, they’re all about danger and risk. Watch her viral TikTok below.

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Chowdhury explained to Bored Panda, “I created those analogies in hopes that the boys would understand. Of course, the analogy wasn’t meant for all men and men only, it was to spread awareness and to say we can’t trust anybody 100%.”

It seems that her video certainly is spreading awareness. So far, Chowdhury’s video has been shared 25,000 times.

Many TikTok viewers have left comments on the video thanking Chowdhury for the video. One comment reads, “I want every man on the planet to see and understand this.”

Another viewer wrote, “this is so clear and easy to understand, great job.”

What do you think of Chowdhury’s video? Do you agree that it’s “not all men” but “enough men”?