National Weather Service Warns That 2 Million People Should Brace for Violent, Catastrophic Tornadoes

There’s nothing more unpredictable than the weather. One day it can be warm and sunny. The next day, your house could be destroyed by a tornado. This is not a drill.

There have been destructive storms happening all weekend. On Friday, there were reports of 38 tornado sightings. There was also hail in Colorado and flooding in South Dakota.

On Saturday, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, storms caused flooding, and in San Angelo, Texas, there was a tornado that damaged multiple houses. Meanwhile, another tornado in Abilene, Texas, blew roofs off of houses. A tornado also touched down in Oklahoma and there was quite a bit of flooding.

On Sunday, there was a tornado in Louisiana and severe thunderstorms in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. There was even a wind gust as strong as 59 miles per hour in Milwaukee.

The storms aren’t done yet.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued a rare “high risk” warning for severe weather stretching from northwest Texas all the way through central Oklahoma. Tornados are expected to hit Monday night, and they are expected to be quite strong.

In addition to tornadoes, there is also a high risk of a flash flood in northwest Texas, Oklahoma, northwest Arkansas, western Missouri and all of Kansas. Most of the storms and tornadoes are expected Monday night, but some could linger into Tuesday.

The expected storms aren’t just calling for rain. There is also a chance of hail and extremely strong, destructive winds.

For more information about Monday’s storm warning, watch the video below.


If you live in one of the storm warning areas, be sure to take shelter and move to dry ground. In the case of a tornado, be sure to stay away from windows. Move to a basement or an interior room without windows, like a closet. Be sure to take pets with you.