Here Are Some Vintage Beauty Secrets from 7 of Hollywood’s Most Iconic Stars

To this day, women are constantly on the search for beauty secrets. How do I get my skin to radiate? How can I round out my curves? How do I contour my face without looking like a cheetah?

We see it in everywhere—headlines in magazines, online articles, videos, and more. We all just want to know how the heck to look and feel our best. It seems to be something we’re ever seeking.

But instead of taking it from the internet, why not take a step back in time and hear from the classic Hollywood stars themselves? From Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, these beauty gods always seemed to have the most glowing skin and perfect makeup, let alone just looks glamorous 24/7.

So how did they do it? Let’s dive into some of the OG best beauty tips. They’re the real beauty MVPs, after all.

Let’s take the star we always think of when we hear Hollywood glam—Marilyn Monroe. Everyone knows she had an amazing figure—those curves were everything. Marilyn did weight training often and ate a mainly high-protein diet. But some of the food she ate might surprise you. For example, for breakfast, she liked to stick to a warm cup of milk blended with two raw eggs.

While we don’t necessarily recommend swapping your avocado toast for raw eggs, we do think there’s something to be said about a high-protein diet. Protein gives us energy, which is why its best consumed in the morning, and helps our bodies recover from exercise. It also keeps us fuller longer so we’re not snacking on junk in the middle of the day.

Now let’s talk about old Hollywood glam superstar Elizabeth Taylor. Her number one beauty tip had to do with getting your sleep—and enough of it. I guess she was the one who put a new meaning to the term “beauty sleep”! She used to say that without a solid sleep “you’ll look like hell.”Presniakova

The recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours. Getting sufficient sleep also helps you have more energy, concentrate more easily, and can even do wonders for your waistline (i.e., ever notice how when you don’t get the recommended hours you want to eat everything?). So rest up, and rest often! We totally condone napping too—just make sure they’re short, brief naps and not those three-hour ones where you wake up and don’t know what year it is.

Audrey Hepburn was a bit more high maintenance. When it came to her beauty routine, she used to have her makeup artist separate each of her eyelashes with a safety pin before applying mascara. This was to create smooth, but lush-looking eyelashes, and boy did she achieve that look.

Nowadays, we have mascaras that comb each eyelash, so we don’t need to get that meticulous. But if you truly want to make your eyes pop, be sure you’re investing in a decent mascara above all other makeup. It makes the biggest difference!

Another beauty showstopper Grace Kelly’s big tip was always apply lotion to your hands. She used to say that hands are where people show their age first. She isn’t wrong!

To hear from the rest of the beauty icons from back in the day, like Mae West, Sophia Loren, and Jean Harlow, check out the video below!

What do you think of these old-school beauty tips and tricks? Would you ever try any? What’s your best beauty tip that you could never live without?