Janitor Turns Heads When He Creates a Vehicle Out of a Leaf Blower and an Umbrella

Brian Edward Kahrs

People pay thousands of dollars for transportation. Your car payment is probably well into the hundreds a month, and if you take any kind of public transportation to get around, that adds up quickly too. Oh and let’s not even talk about how much flying on a plane or going on a boat costs. If only there was a cheaper way to get around from place to place.

Well, apparently there is. You just need to get a little creative. One 57-year-old janitor named Brian Kahrs put his thinking cap on and created a useful means to getting around…using three simple objects: an old mop bucket, a leaf blower, and an umbrella. A true janitorial mode of transportation if we’ve ever seen such a thing!

Riding in it is easy: You simply plop your behind down in the bottom section of a mop bucket, rev up the leaf blower by your side, pop open the umbrella where the air comes out, and off you go!

Simply hold the umbrella out in front of you to steer, and, as long as no one’s in your way, you can vroom-vroom down a sidewalk at a decently fast pace.

Sure, the mop bucket creation doesn’t have comfortable seats—you’re literally sitting in a bucket. And it’s not exactly the most weather resistant—aka you couldn’t’ ride in it if it was raining.

But think of it this way: You’d never have to get gas. You’d never lose car keys again. And best of all, it’s MUCH cheaper than any other form of transportation you’ll ever purchase in your life—we can wholeheartedly guarantee that.

“Nothing like taking a cruise along Clearwater Beach after a long night of mopping floors and scrubbing toilets,” Kahrs, a grandfather, wrote on his Facebook along with a video of him riding in his “cruiser.”

It truly is one of the most innovative and awesome things we’ve ever seen—and his followers agree!

“Man I needed that laugh today! “ someone posted. “Thanks!”

“How do you manage to be so creative and hilarious at the same time?” someone else questioned.

Someone else called him out on his lack of helmet: “Where’s your helmet? They asked. “Safety 1st!”

True—that’s probably the one issue we have with Kahrs’ invention. If you try something like this at home, definitely wear your helmet.

You can check out Kahrs’ hilarious (and amazing) video below.

How awesome is this invention? Have you ever tried to build something that could take you somewhere like this?